Everything you wanted to know about sleep apnea

Everything you wanted to know about sleep apnea

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that most people have heard of sleep apnea but don’t fully understand what it is or its implications. With terrifying rumours that sleepRead More…

Old hands baby hands

Life expectancy increase: a numbers game?

In a report prepared by the United Nations’ Population Division, it’s said that the global trend of population aging from 1950 and 2050 has been “unprecedented”, “perversive” and “enduring”. This means thatRead More…

medical marijuana

Medical marijuana: 10 honest reasons that people use it

You may have  heard of the reputed benefits of using marijuana to help with various medical issues. You may have even tried it yourself or know someone who has. You may be interestedRead More…

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana: the real deal

Synthetic marijuana is cheaper, more readily available and the user can even pick it up in certain shops where it masquerades as potpourri and incense. Like natural marijuana, the synthetic variety isRead More…