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10 More Unhealthy Foods That People Think Are HealthyBy William Kennedy on Oct 4, 2013

William Kennedy

One thing I will admit is that I am definitely guilty of not eating the right food from time to time. Anything from McDonalds to Burger King. The trick is to do it sparingly. Unless you are a top level athlete then there really should be no need to deprive yourself of unhealthy food once in a while (I suggest one cheat day a week to keep your sanity). Even though it is OK to relax once in awhile, some foods are actually presented as healthy despite having the opposite results. These foods wreak havoc on the days you are to be healthy.

10. Granola

Granola is often presented as having lots of fibre for us as well as having all the benefits of nuts. Combined with milk, it can sometimes become a staple of the regular breakfast along with toast. The problem with 90% of granola brands is that they have an abundance of sugar.

A lot of the granola that is sold in shops is simply clusters of nuts that are stuck together with brown sugar.…

Trying To Lose Belly Fat? Boring Cardio Is Not the AnswerBy William Kennedy on Sep 12, 2013

William Kennedy

Bill Hicks, the American stand-up, had a great joke about jogging maverick, Jim Fixx. He described how Jim Fixx used to go jogging, talked about jogging, inspired everyone else to go jogging, wrote books about jogging and then died . . . from jogging. 😯

Some fitness professionals and medical doctors prescribe low-intensity aerobic training in order to prevent heart disease or lose weight. The actual prescription recommended by the American Heart Association is 30 minutes-to-1 hour of cardio 3 to 5 times per week in order to stay healthy [1]. This is a popular belief and I have no doubt it is one of the reasons for the growth in popularity of long-endurance events such as the marathon and the triathlon.

Bonus: We have prepared a free workout at the end of this post for you to try. It is almost guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level.

Before you stick on a pair of jogging shorts pound the pavement for 10 hours a week, consider some scientific research.…

The Wheat Myth: 9 Reasons Why Wheat Is Not A Good IdeaBy William Kennedy on Sep 11, 2013

William Kennedy

This list has not been easy to make. It is hard to know where to begin when it comes to talking about the problems associated with wheat. Wheat has been ingrained (pun intended)  in our culture for a long time. Paleontologists suggest that even our Paleolithic ancestors even nibbled on wheat. However, this wheat was very different from the wheat you see nowadays.

Although the general perception of paleo is “if our ancestors ate it then it is OK for us to eat it as well” is a good rule of thumb, there are exceptions. Wheat, especially modern wheat is one of those exceptions. In the last 60 years, wheat has undergone a complete genetic reformation. This new form of wheat has evolved too fast for our body’s metabolism to adapt to break it down correctly.

Some experts claim whole wheat is the best part of your day but here are a few reasons as to why that is not the case.…

Secret Eaters: Denial Won’t Help You Lose WeightBy William Kennedy on Aug 26, 2013

William Kennedy

7 Psychological Traps People Face When Trying To Lose Weight

Recently, I spent my time watching families eat 24/7. I didn’t actually follow the families around and stalk them through the bushes (that would be weird) but I watched them thanks to a recent documentary series on the UK’s Channel 4 called “Secret Eaters”. The show is based on the premise of secretly following overweight families around and filming them 24/7. Through this surveillance they catch exactly how much and what the families eat. I took particular interest in the Castle family because they seem really friendly but also provide many glorious examples of how we fool ourselves into being fat. Here is the very episode that features the Castle family.


The Castle Family Don’t Know Why They Are Fat


Whenever you talk to a group of friends about weight loss, one person will always say the same thing.

“Eat less and exercise more”.

Anyone that is fat will tell you that they have tried “eating less and exercising more” but it doesn’t seem to work or last a long time.…

5 Deadly Reasons Why You Should Not Eat BreadBy William Kennedy on Aug 22, 2013

William Kennedy

I had a friend who lost 14 pounds recently and was really proud about it (as you might imagine). I jokingly asked her “what was your secret?”.

“It was simple”, she said, “I just stopped eating bread”.

This would normally surprise people because bread is considered sacred in our society. It is even closely associated with many cultures’ heritages and beliefs. Yet bread is not the best source of nutrients and this has been known for some time in the scientific community.

Bread is wrongly placed at the bottom of our food pyramid which gets passed around all our schools despite many respected health professionals claiming bread and other sources of grains are unnecessary and potentially harmful. Here are some alarming facts about bread.

1. Whole Grain Bread Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels More Than A Snickers Bar

Whole grain bread does not actually have whole grains in it. Flour is formed in a process where grains are broken down into a powder form like flour.  …

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