Hello, my name is Yohimbe and I come from the African continent where I grow very tall. I’m the bark on an evergreen tree you see, but a very special bark used as a wonderful supplement. I’m also available by prescription in the United States. But you really need to find out much more about my work so a few minutes of your time would be greatly appreciated. Please read on.

What Do I Do?

I can help men who suffer from any form of erectile dysfunction, but women can benefit from me too in terms of sexual enhancement. I’m a really good natural replacement for drugs like viagra and levitra. I actually have a formidable reputation as being the most potent natural sexual stimulant on the market as I quickly dilate blood vessels and stimulate the nerve endings of the genitals.

My active component is an alkaloid called yohimbine, and in fact native Africans have used me to improve their sex lives for hundreds of years. I’m still on trial with many experts but I’ve helped people suffering from clinical depression and even weight loss, but this has yet to be fully proven. I’ve been declared unsafe in Germany, because I can increase heart rates and raise blood pressure and also interact with other drugs, food and alcohol.

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How to Use Me?

I really should be taken in small doses two or three hours before intimacy, and this means I work very well for you. Women will get better sensations in their organs which is why females use me as a supplement too. But if you’re not used to taking herbs then take it easy at first.

I’m sold in various concentrations of extract and these range from 4 per cent right across to 20 per cent. The higher my concentration the more potent I will be to the user. I can also come in either capsule or powder form.

You can find me in Zaire, Gabon and Cameroon – Take a look at an Atlas

A Word of Caution

I’ve been a little controversial in some people’s eyes because I can cause unwanted side effects, but this is only when I’m not used properly. I’ve been known to cause some anxiety and headaches, abdominal cramps and palpitations, dizziness and nausea. I certainly don’t want to do this to you so please take the correct medical advice. If you have any medical condition, especially involving the heart or diabetes then you must talk to your doctor before even thinking about using me in any form.

I certainly shouldn’t be taken when you’re operating machinery, driving or performing any hazardous activities. I should point out however, if I’m taken in the right dosage then there won’t be any problems. Just don’t take too much of me! You shouldn’t take me as a supplement late at night as you may have problem sleeping, and I definitely shouldn’t be used with caffeine or alcohol.

Being sensible will bring the best out in me. The problem is I have the ability to make your heart race just a little faster, so you can see why I must be used in a proper responsible fashion.

Sexual benefits

I can be used to do things healthily but I can help increase your libido and give you healthy sexual thoughts. I can be used to help with erectile dysfunction and sexual sensation as well as orgasms and climaxes. I can also give you extra energy and stamina to help with prolonged intimacy.

Basically I carry extra blood to the genital areas and this is what helps you feel much better about yourself. What I really want to do is create more happiness for you, and this can be done by sensible use over time. You’ll notice I can work quite quickly for you at the right time.

In West Africa I not only enhance virility but I can also treat the symptoms of colds, fevers and leprosy.

I hope now you understand a lot more about me and I’d love to be of service to you in the future, but only if I can make a positive difference in the long run. I’m one of nature’s great gifts and it’s always a nice feeling to be able to enhance people’s lives. Why not do more research on me and try and discover more? Thank you for reading my story and take care in the future.

Please remember to take proper advice from a medical professional or your doctor before using me so you can be sure I’m right for you as a supplement. I want to stay friends with you for sure!

‘My name is Yohimbe’

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