You may not have known Vinpocetine is a synthetic compound coming from a marvelous substance found in the leaves of what is known as the lesser periwinkle plant, or to use its other name, Vinca minor. According to academic research, vinpocetine, carries neuroprotective abilities. It can also help the cerebral blood-flow.

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So What Is It?

Vinpocetine has been in used for decades in Europe as a terrific and tested booster for brain memory enhancement, cognitive ability restoration, and tittinus. You can get it over the counter as a supplement in both the United States and Canada, but it’s a prescribed drug in Europe and Japan. It supports the perfect functioning of the brain and helps improve both memory and complete concentration.

More research studies are expected to reveal more about Vinpocetine’s beneficial effects on brain health.

So How Does It Work?

Well in simple terms vinpocetine is a semisynthetic substance acting as a vasodilator, meaning it stimulates the flow of blood both to and in the brain itself. As a supplement it can rejuvenate what we call the cerebral metabolism, but it also increases levels of glucose in the brain. Thankfully it also increases serotonin. These things are all responsible for promoting cognitive functioning and all round excellent brain health.

On to the Benefits

Scientific research is still ongoing as more and more potential benefits are added to the list. As you’ve read we know for certain the supplement increases blood flow in the brain. But it can at the same time give way to stronger sustained brain power, which can boost the feel good factor in the body over the longer term. Many experts are convinced it can help in the battle against the dreaded alzheimer’s disease, or in fact any form of age-related impairment of the memory.

Those individuals who suffer from tremors just like those found in Parkinson’s disease can find some relief through the supplement. It can greatly improve a number of impaired vision conditions and of course we’ve already mentioned it helps to stop ringing in the ears, or tittinus. Vascular dementia can also be a huge problem but this too can be remedied by vinpocetine over time.

The wonderful thing is people suffering from clinical depression, can find much needed help through its functioning and benefits. The versatility doesn’t stop there however as it can be used for conditions following on in those people who have suffered a stroke. Actually – it can also help efficiently treat many types of ulcer in the body.

Oxygenation is the Key

We’re sure by now you’ll have recognised vinpocetine plays a big part in the oxygenation of blood in the brain. It can in real terms, safeguard your brain cells from being damaged, but it also protects against an unfriendly enzyme called, ‘phosphodiesterase.’ Many more benefits are sure to emerge in the future as we begin to understand more about how it works biologically. The fact it’s been used for more than 40 years gives it great standing in the world of supplements.

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What about Side Effects?

The wonderful thing is vinpocetine carries relatively few adverse side effects, though of course this is in the correct controlled doses. It has been known in very rare cases to cause a little dizziness, indigestion and a dry mouth. Others have reported headaches or insomnia.

Taking a low dose to begin with is highly advised. It’s definitely out of the question for mothers to be or children, and of course individuals who are suffering from kidney or liver damage should stay well clear for obvious reasons. As this is related to blood flow then anyone with low blood pressure or any seizure or bleeding disorder should also refrain from taking the supplement in any form.

If you’ve had any sort of dental surgery no matter how small or a surgical procedure carried out, then don’t begin to use if for two weeks afterwards at least. In fact the best advice would tell you not to take it even a couple of weeks beforehand.

The usual advice should apply here as with many other supplements around the world. You should always talk to your doctor or a medical professional first before even starting a course. Those taking blood thinners or aspirin for example should think twice about taking vinpocetine. Doctors have the best information to hand and this can save you a lot of problems in the long run.

We should all be appreciative of this supplement and what it can do for a number of conditions involving the flow of blood. We seldom realise the plants we see around the world can actually be a great gift from nature.

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