Hello my name is Tyrosine and you should know me quite well because I help in supporting signals around your brain. I’m actually what they call an amino acid produced inside your body from a chemical called, ‘phenylalanine’. But I also carry out many other functions as well and can help you with certain conditions. You can get to know me a lot better by understanding my biological role.

The signals in your brain rely on more chemicals like epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Together with all of these things I can help transmit healthy nerve impulses and therefore ward off depression. I’m also known as an organic compound and I was first discovered by a German chemist named Justus von Liebig in 1846, as an ingredient in cheese. Many studies have been carried out on me over the years and the results have been impressive.

So Where Can You Find Me?

Well apart from being produced inside your body I can also be found in various foods. These mainly range from dairy products to eggs, almonds to avocados, and bananas to meats. These include game, quail, duck and ostrich. And if you like things like tuna and cod you’ll also find me in those foods as well. But there are others too from nuts, seeds and grains to various vegetables.

But I can also be taken as a handy supplement and I work well with other vitamins and minerals like Folic acid, copper and vitamin B6. A small dose does the trick and any health food professional will advise you well, but make sure to check everything with your doctor first as I don’t want to cause any problems. Actually the best time to take me is late at night or with a high carbohydrate meal.

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How Else Do I Function?

I assist in producing thyroxin which plays a key role in regulating your metabolism. It’s a hormone you also need for general human growth, good mental and skin health, and a feeling of wellness. If you have problems with thyroxin then you could develop a problem with your central nervous system or thyroid gland, which sometimes becomes enlarged. Low blood pressure and boy temperature could result in the worst cases, but let’s not dwell on that.

Going back to your brain, when you feel completely stressed or burned out, I become depleted within you, but hopefully this will only happen in certain cases. This is why taking me as a supplement will help take away that anxious stress and improve both your mood and your alertness. I can also have a very positive effect on your sex drive. When you’re healthy you should have really nice hair and skin in most cases, a lot of this is down to me as a parent amino acid and of course I shouldn’t forget I can create lovely eye colour as well! This is one of the wonderful things about working for you as I can help improve how you feel about yourselves.

For example I can help regulate your moods and help you feel much better about the world. In fact in terms of dietary supplements go I’m an essential mineral aiding in maintaining the body’s normal functioning processes and also in the production of enzymes.

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Let Me Impress You Even Further

I’ve no wish to boast but my work also involves helping you tone those muscles especially if you work out regularly and the great thing is I can also fight against pain. Let’s be honest this is something we all hate at times. I’m very important when it comes to the structure of proteins inside the body. One thing I can do is help when people are fighting any form of addiction, and this makes me feel particularly good about myself. I should be used to help you balance the body and improve general overall health. Actually the effect I have on the metabolism can help you if you’re on a special weight-loss diet or keep fit drive. But it just gets better in terms of what I can do for you.

I’ve been known to help with premenstrual syndrome and sleep deprivation, bringing comforting relief in both cases. My work can help those who have suffered from heart disease or even a stroke. I can assist in treating Alzheimer’s and attention deficit disorder. If you suffer from chronic fatigue then I’m the supplement for you, and I can even help with Parkinson’s disease.

So no you know all about how I work and what I can do, maybe you’ll remember me better in future. I’m proud to be one of the protein building blocks within you.

‘I am Tyrosine’

Michael Donelly

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