We all love a good health-booster, especially when it is natural; even better if it is something that the body can produce all by itself! That’s why we love Coenzyme Q10 so much- it’s a powerful antioxidant that our bodies synthesise and rely on for energy and repair, and now we can give ourselves a helping hand by boosting our natural levels!

What is CoQ10?

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 to give it it’s scientific abbreviation, is an antioxidant that is produced naturally by the body. It is directly involved in the energy production that keeps cells active, and can be found in the tiny powerhouses of the cells called Mitochondria. Since more of it is needed in cells that work the hardest, it is at its highest concentration in the heart, liver, kidneys and lungs.

Structure of CoQ10

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant; antioxidants are known for their ability to soak up free radicals, which crash around inside our cells and cause huge damage on a microscopic level. Free radicals are thought to cause illnesses like cancer and heart disease, and are responsible for the gradual aging of our cells. With a healthy concentration of CoQ10 in our bodies acting like sponges on these destructive particles, we can help prevent some of these health problems, and even speed up the repair process; in fact, CoQ10 is often used as part of the recovery treatment after heart attacks and heart failure. Studies are even beginning to find that CoQ10 helps to lower the blood pressure too.

And if that wasn’t enough, a recent study by the University of Maryland found that CoQ10 could help reduce damage to the brain from strokes, improve the energy levels and mobility of sperm, and increase the body’s tolerance to and recovery from exercise! What a versatile and wonderful health booster!

In theory, it is possible to get all the components we need to synthesise and boost our levels of CoQ10, through our diet. However, not only is the body only able to store a small amount of CoQ10 at a time, but our production levels of CoQ10 decrease as we age. So it’s evitable that deficiencies do occur. Don’t worry though- simply give your body a CoQ10 bump, by taking regular, easy supplements!

What the Papers Say:

Mail Online: (Click article for full size)

Los Angeles Times: (Click article for full size)

What The Studies Show:

This study shows how CoQ10 can help the heart tolerate exercise:

This articles explores the findings of several studies that have explored the benefits of CoQ10:

Boost your health, and Safeguard its Future!

Whether you suffer from any pre-existing ailments, or just want to protect your heart for the future, by taking CoQ10 supplements you can improve your health in one easy step- what could be easier? Start today, and look forward to a healthy, active and energized future!

What People on the Web Say:

My Quality of Life Has Improved!

I have for many years been on a variety of heart medicines that all have a price in the way of side-effects. Since my intake of heart medicine began with a heart-attack I was just happy to be alive but over the years I felt at a strong disadvantage in general health and strength. At first I thought I was dealing with the consequences of my heart-attack but eventually found out that I should be doing better.
Then I found out that I was supposed to be taking Q10 to make up for some of the damage caused by the heart medicines. After taking Q10 and a good multivitamin and mineral supplement my general health showed a noticeable improvement already after the first three months. I obviously have to keep taking these but my quality of life has improved and I am a more complete person again.

– Old Grey

My Partner’s Blood Pressure is Normal Again!

This product is very helpful and certainly has increased my energy levels and those of my partner who has started taking it as well. He went to the doctor today and had his BP checked as he has had problems in the past. BP came out normal and he has been taken off one of his prescribed medications. Hurrah!

– jill

My Joints Are Less Painful!

My daughter and I both purchased these supplements, and we both agree that we feel much better since we started taking them. My daughter has cut back on her prescribed medication. My joints are so much less painful.

– mona

A Must-Have Health Product!

A must have product if you take statins as they stop all natural production of CoQ10 in your body. CoQ10 is a vital component in everybody’s body and without it, your heart, liver and kidneys do not function properly – the very thing statins are ‘supposed’ to protect. It would be better all round to bring down cholesterol levels naturally, but if you really must take statins you absolutely need this product.

– Sally
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