The skincare industry is vast- with every imaginable product to smooth, de-puff, brighten, soften or scrub, it’s no wonder many women develop unwieldy and expensive skincare routines, that take up far too much of their day!

The truth is, that taking care of your skin is actually very basic, easy…and cheap! You don’t need the most expensive and advanced products. All you need is to follow a few daily steps, for fresh bright skin, that stays younger-looking for longer!

Don’t Smoke!

It’s becoming somewhat of a mantra for us here at GNet, but it can’t be denied: Smoking is arguably the single most damaging things you can do to your health, and the negatives far outweigh any pleasure that you may get from it. As well as the huge variety of illnesses it can cause, smoking is absolutely terrible for your skin.

Firstly, it damages the collagen in your skin, which is what keeps your skin plump and supple, and also it makes the tiny capillaries in your skin contract, so the blood supply to your lovely skin cells is limited, and this does not make for healthy cells!

Avoid Sun Burn!

Some skincare practitioners will tell you to avoid the sun altogether, and wear sunscreen to avoid UV damage to your skin. And we agree- UV damage can break down collagen, cause sunspots, and dramatically age your skin, not to mention cause skin cancer.

HOWEVER, the sun is also a vital source of vitamin D, which we need to keep our bones healthy and strong, and to keep our skin in tiptop shape. So we advise having a sensible approach to the sun: Extended exposure and sunburn are huge beauty no-no’s, and your skin would not thank you for them. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t enjoy the sun, and limited, controlled doses of sunshine here and there are perfectly reasonable, and a great way to give your skin that healthy vitamin D boost.

Establish a Gentle Daily Routine

This should basically comprise 2 key steps: cleaning your skin, to remove all the oil and dirt that will collect on it over the course of a day, and then re-moisturising it, to keep it plump and supple.

  1. Cleansing: One thing is for sure, unless it is specifically designed for your face, never use soap! It is incredibly drying, and usually perfumed, which will irritate the delicate skin on your face very easily. Instead go for a cream cleanser that is aimed at your skin type, whether it’s oily, dry or a combination of the two. Massage it in small circles into your skin, and rinse it off with warm (not hot) water. Your skin should feel instantly soft and refreshed. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel- rubbing will not only take its toll on the elasticity of your face over time, but it removes too much moisture from your skin, and you’ll be left with dry patches before you know it. Although it’s very tempting to want to cleanse your face all the time to get that soft, supple feel, limit it to once a day- more than this and your skin will react adversely.
  2. Moisturising: It’s really key to pick a moisturiser that suits your skin type. If you suffer from oily skin, avoid heavy creams that will clog up your pores. Equally, if you need a bit of extra moisture for dry patches, try something more substantial like a cold cream. You may find that you want different moisturisers for day and night time- a lighter one for day, that works well with cosmetics, and that maybe contains an SPF to prevent sun damage, and a heavier one for night, that can soak into your skin slowly while you sleep.
  3. Exfoliating: One a week, treat your skin to a really deep clean with a facial scrub. This will remove all the stubborn dead skin cells that are hanging around, and reveal the younger fresher cells beneath. Always be aware of areas of your face that may be too sensitive for a scrub, and give them a miss. This includes areas that are naturally drier, or the delicate areas under your eyes. Limit exfoliating to maximum of three times a week, unless you suffer from oily patches, otherwise you may risk drying out your skin too much.

Take Off Your Make-Up!

It seems like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many women are happy to fall asleep still wearing their makeup. This is a total skin no-no, since foundations and powders can clog up your pores and lead to bacteria getting out of hand- before you know it, you have a face full of pimples, and only yourself to blame.

It’s such an easy step to take, but one that will make a big difference. Go for a gentle, alcohol-free makeup remover, for one that you can use everyday with no adverse effects.

Eat Your Green!

Your mother was right; eating your greens does make you grow up big and strong! It also gives you beautiful, radiant skin, thanks to the variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that you absorb. Try to avoid saturated fats and processed foods, which are thought to contribute to excessive oiliness, and dull looking skin.

Listen to Your Skin:

Your skin will change over the course of your life, depending on your diet, your aging process, and hormone levels. So the best thing you can do is listen to it and adjust your routine accordingly. If it’s too dry, moisturise more, if it becomes oily, change the products you have to suit your new skin type. But by sticking to a very simple daily routine, you put yourself in the best position to have great looking skin, for your whole life!

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