There are so many trending fads thesedays you’re never quite sure what to believe or what really does work. There are those who may have tried every new thing and still not found the answers they were looking for. We all realise losing weight or being on a particular diet really depends on the individual and what they are actually trying to achieve.

You may have heard Sensa mentioned on television or advertised in a magazine, and many questions are being asked as to how it works and what it does? We should also point out there’s a distinction between a straightforward diet and a weight loss system!

So we need to look at the facts and the detail behind Sensa both to give you much more information and to set the record straight! We need to do all of this with an open mind of course to judge things properly.

So What is It?

sprinkling sensa over food

Well Sensa is a relatively new weight loss product produced in the form of granules. You use these granules just like sugar or salt by sprinkling them onto your food before eating.

The concept of Sensa is really quite simple and can take people by surprise at first. These granules are designed to react with your sense of smell. The idea is this in turn will soon give you a feeling of being full up and completely satisfied without the need to eat what you’d recognise as normal amounts of food!

Again of course this can vary from person to person. The fact is it basically acts as an appetite suppressant known as ‘The Sprinkle Diet’, for obvious reasons.

The science behind Sensa is quite simple. As you eat, smell and taste receptors tell your body it’s time to stop eating. It’s called Sensory Specific Satiety!
Suddenly you feel you just can’t eat any more!

But Come On – Can You Really Lose Weight This Way?

girl wrapped in a measuring tape

Well recent studies have claimed there “may be some benefit to smells if linked with a nutrition and exercise program.” But this may not work on every individual and you could get the same results sprinkling little packets of cheese or breadcrumbs on every meal if you coupled that with a “proper nutrition and exercise program” The argument goes on of course and no doubt more studies will surely come.

Yes Sensa has worked for some people but not for others – the reasoning being you can still consume your favourite foods but just in lesser amounts. Your doctor would probably tell you however the best way to stay trim is with a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle, and there’s no quick fix. These things can take a little time!

The selling point of Sensa is fair enough as it will be possible to lose weight in theory because you just won’t eat as much over the longer term.

The system was created by Dr. Alan Hirsh, a board certified neurologist who has dedicated years of his life to researching the sensory system in the body. He is a leading light both on smell and taste. He has also written six books on the science of sensory response.

But is It Safe to Use?

slim girl pointing sideways

Well it would seem for more than 99 per cent of users there isn’t a problem but a tiny portion have suffered side effects ranging from an upset stomach to loose bowels, extra gas to sweating. You could argue if something isn’t 100 per cent safe then why use it!!


Your doctor or dietician would probably tell you there is simply no substitute for a balanced lifestyle and healthy diet!

We all know some people will overeat regardless of any potential quick fix or weight loss system. It’s just the way people are – but of course there’s no harm in trying anything new as long as it’s safe to do so. In this case you may lose a few pounds but it won’t be a replacement for a properly devised diet. Even some of the makers of weight-loss products recognise losing weight comes down to diet and exercise.

Sensa can be bought for around $20 at the time of writing and this will provide supplies for one month while you work out if you feel this is going to be right for you. At the end of the day this all boils down to personal preference, and of course it does little harm to try a new system. But the truth is the jury is really still out on Sensa and what works for some won’t work for others.

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