The fastened landline community connects 625 thousand households and companies (down from the record 845 thousand in 2005). The decline in subscription and utilization of the landline community has been driven by elevated availability of cell phone companies. The cell telephony penetration price in Lithuania (of 151 per one hundred population in 2013) has been one of the highest on the planet.

Norvegian company Equinor provides 540 million cubic metres (19 billion cubic toes) of natural gasoline yearly from 2015 until 2020. The terminal is ready to meet the Lithuania’s demand 100%, and Latvia’s and Estonia’s nationwide demand 90 % sooner or later.

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An ice-free seaport of Klaipeda is positioned in the western a part of Lithuania. The port is a crucial regional transport hub connecting the ocean, land and railway routes from east and west.

They had been obligated to offer crafts and quite a few contributions and services; for not paying most of these debts (or for different offences), one might be forced into slavery. The two brothers and Gediminas’ other offspring left many ambitious sons with inherited territory. Their rivalry weakened the nation within the face of the Teutonic expansion and the newly assertive Grand Duchy of Moscow, buoyed by the 1380 victory over the Golden Horde on the Battle of Kulikovo and intent on the unification of all Rus’ lands beneath its rule. The Lithuanian tribe is believed to have developed more recognizably toward the tip of the primary millennium.


It handles roughly 7,000 ships and 30 million tons of cargo yearly, and accepts giant-tonnage vessels (dry-cargo vessels up to 70,000 DWT, tankers up to 100,000 DWT and cruise ships up to 270 meters long). The seaport of Klaipėda is able to obtain Panamax-sort vessels. One of the fastest growing segments of sea transport is passenger site visitors, which has elevated fourfold since 2002. The inland river cargo port in Marvelė, linking Kaunas and Klaipėda, received first cargo in 2019. In 2018 synchronising the Baltic States’ electricity grid with the Synchronous grid of Continental Europe has started.

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In 2013, there were 13 providers of cell phone services, with the three largest ones – BITĖ Lietuva, Omnitel, and Tele2 – operating their own cellular networks. There are four TIER III datacenters in Lithuania.Lithuania is 44th globally ranked country on data middle density according to Cloudscene. Companies within the automotive and engineering sector are relatively small however supply flexible services for small and non-commonplace orders at competitive prices.

Juozapines Hill (294 m) varieties the very best point in Lithuania, while the most important and longest river in the country is Nemunas. Lithuania was the final nation in Europe to be transformed to Christianity. one hundred ninety,000 or ninety one% of the Lithuanian Jews had been killed, one of lithuania girls many highest total mortality rates of the holocaust. You might disagree with or object to the content of some responses. This is to be anticipated given the complexity of the subject and the issues related to speaking usually about an entire nation and its folks.

H–14th Century Lithuanian State

Because many people in Lithuania have issue differentiating between Canada and the United States, describing how they’re completely different and the way Lithuania is just like Canada might be of use to them. For instance, discussing how both Lithuania’s and Canada’s economies have been tremendously tied to superpowers, how each have similar climate, good roads and so on. “After lengthy and cautious deliberation, we chose Vilnius because of its educated and multilingual talent pool, its extremely-developed IT infrastructure and its enterprise-friendly setting”, mentioned Duncan Neilson, a Moody’s senior vice president. “Given our goals of hiring various expertise and further creating our automation and cyber security capabilities, selecting Lithuania as our latest EU location makes good business sense”.

In order to break down Gazprom’s monopoly in pure fuel market of Lithuania, first massive scale LNG import terminal (Klaipėda LNG FSRU) in the Baltic region was built in port of Klaipėda in 2014. The Klaipėda LNG terminal was referred to as Independence, thus emphasising the aim to diversify power market of Lithuania.

The largest share of loans obtained by a household was aimed at the real property market. This course of was stimulated by state given tax privileges for lodgings loans which established situations of forming a real estate bubble. According to the data of the Bank of Lithuania, the volume of loans to acquire lodgings has grown from 50 million Lt in 2004 as much as 720 million Lt in 2007. Such an growth of credit had a decisive influence to type a ‘bubble’ in the Lithuanian actual estate market. “Tiesioginės užsienio investicijos Lietuvoje pagal šalį – Lietuvos bankas”.

“Apie 2014–2020 m. ES fondų investicijas – Finansavimas – 2014–2020 Europos Sąjungos fondų investicijos Lietuvoje”. The complete value of natural assets in Lithuania reached €17 billion, or half of Lithuania’s GDP. The most precious natural resource in the nation is subterranean water, which constitutes more than half of the total worth of pure resources.

The first known reference to Lithuania as a nation (“Litua”) comes from the Annals of the Quedlinburg monastery, dated March 9, 1009. In 1009, the missionary Bruno of Querfurt arrived in Lithuania and baptized the Lithuanian ruler “King Nethimer.”

This 12 months, Lithuania is one of the fastest rising economies in Europe with an annualized growth fee of 6.6 % during the first half of the yr. This excessive development is driven by an exports surge of no less than 38 %. This is an incredible achievement after a vicious monetary crisis. Lithuania’s attainment is often ignored or belittled as a result of its neighbors Estonia and Latvia have carried out similar miracles, but they are all true heroes, and Lithuania’s remedy looks remarkable also among this powerful competitors. Guided by these hopes, each enterprises and households started borrowing for consumption and business ever extra and all the more that the banks granted loans with participating interests.

We would encourage you to share your experiences; your contributions will assist to make Country Insights a richer surroundings for studying. Grand Duke Vytautas the Great ( ) is considered Lithuania’s best leader. He defeated the Teutonic Knights in the Battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg) in 1410 and expanded Lithuania from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Grand Duke Gediminas ( ) is credited, amongst different issues, for founding Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Among many locations to visit I would advocate capital metropolis Vilnius, Trakai, Kaunas and anywhere by the Baltic Sea.