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Do You Eat Properly?

Your diet must contain adequate amounts of nutrients for you to be healthy and strong. Many people attempt to lose weight with high protein/low carbohydrate diets. While high protein diets can speed weight loss, they can cause a variety of health conditions if followed for long periods of time.

What is Protein?

Protein is a substance that is used by the body to build lean muscle tissue, healthy hair and strong bones. Protein gives your skin a healthy glow and improves its elasticity which diminishes over time. Hair, body tissues and organs all use protein to maintain good health. Those who consume too little protein, may find their body works less efficiently. If too much protein is consumed for long periods of time, it can cause the body to store fat which is difficult to shed.

Where to get it

The best sources of protein are nuts, lean meats, whole grains and dairy products. Eating a variety of complete and incomplete proteins will help your body make necessary amino acids that it cannot produce on its own. Combining plant-based proteins such as nuts and seeds with animal-based protein like lean meat and chicken will accomplish this goal. Doctors recommend consuming no more than 35 percent of your total daily calories from protein. This will help build lean muscle tissue and maintain existing muscle mass.

Why you Should Eat it

Eating the proper amount of protein can help you lose weight. Protein is satisfying and will keep you feeling full longer than fat or carbohydrates – which can cause a sudden rise in blood sugar that sets off cravings. Taking in enough protein while strength training will help you build lean muscle mass and cause you to burn more calories while you are at rest. The extra calorie burn will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight when you reach your goals.

The key to losing weight with protein is eating a variety of both plant-based and animal-based proteins, along with healthy fats and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Exercising will help you speed up weight loss and will boost your self-confidence as well. Combining healthy eating habits you can live with while exercising is the key to reaching a healthy body weight.

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