This is a very natural hormone thought to be a building block for all the other steroid hormones. It certainly helps with all round well-being, but as we get older its production gets less. In this case however, there’s an ongoing debate as to whether or not we ever need this in supplement form.

Some experts believe the over 40’s in particular could benefit greatly from this. But this is a hormone needing to be handled very carefully by us as it does come with some unpleasant side effects, and this is why you need to consult a medical professional before use at any time.

Where Do We Produce This?

We produce the hormone within the cells of the central nervous system and also in the adrenal gland. You’ll find a higher concentration of pregnenolone in tissue rather than in the bloodstream. We actually have 10 times as much of it in the brain as other stress-related hormones. We can find it in the blood as both a stabler called, ‘pregnenolone-sulphate’, and ‘free- pregnenolone.’ There’s still a school of thought, why use a supplement anyway when the hormone is produced naturally?

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Tell Us More About Its Background Then?

Many in depth studies were carried out into this hormone in the 1940’s and the results were of great significance. Less fatigue and an overall good feeling of well being was achieved. We now know of course it can help improve our memories and reduce feelings of stress. Our moods can change very positively when using it and it also helps those suffering from arthritis.

Studies into this will continue as more complete proof needs to be found. It’s a studied fact there are some medical or psychiatric conditions where it can be used temporarily and then stopped after a short time. With this conservative approach, it is unlikely you’ll get any problems.

Some people who have taken pregnenolone revealed clearer enhancement of visual perception. Colours suddenly seem to be much brighter and stand out better. Patterns are more noticeable. Looking becomes a better all round experience. The hormone is converted in the body to progesterone and both of these tend to overlap with each other, but we still don’t know exactly how their effects overlap.

Pregnenolone is also converted into DHEA, which can change into into androstenedione, testosterone, and estrogens. Pregnenolone could increase levels of acetylcholine in the hippocampus and other parts of the brain associated with memory.

You should know Pregnenlone is not considered to be a hormone that can become deficient, so you don’t need to take it as a supplement.

This is What You Should Know about the Supplement

These are made synthetically with ingredients found in things like wild yam and soybeans mainly from the United States and New Mexico, and they come in capsule and tablet form available at most health stores. But misuse and high dosage over time can lead to some dangerous side effects!

*You must not trust anyone who says Pregnenolone is safe in high doses

Side Effects

Well first of all you could end up suffering from insomnia due to over stimulation. Individuals have reported feeling anxious, moody and angry. It’s possible you could suffer from bad headaches because of too high a dosage. You might even develop acne but even worse, hair loss has been reported in more severe cases. But perhaps the biggest worry is suffering from heart palpitations. This could be extremely dangerous for the elderly or those already suffering from any form of heart complaint. Other dangers could be related to severe liver problems and in the worst case scenario, both breast and prostate cancers. It should be pointed out however, this was from prolonged use!

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The bottom line is everything is really still in the early stages as far as this sometimes controversial hormone is concerned. As you’ve read earlier in the article some of the potential side effects can really become quite dangerous especially if you are already suffering from any type of ailment, or are on prescribed medications. If you’re in any doubt at all then the best advice has to be don’t use it at all at this stage.

You can certainly talk to your doctor who will be pleased to give you the complete low down, and give you ongoing peace of mind. But it’s absolutely clear many more studies need to be carried out before we can be certain about its uses and benefits. If you feel you must take it in supplement form then very low doses over a short period of time seems to be the call. The message to everyone is very clear:

‘Treat Pregnenolone with caution’

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