A mouthful it certainly is and we don’t expect you to have it constantly on the tip of the tongue. But this type of brain fat can help us in some vital ways, and is becoming a fascinating talking point for people of all ages and from all walks of life! So in this feature we’ll be taking a closer view of the substance, what it is and how its properties can work for us. Being better informed means you can incorporate this into your lifestyle so please read on!


OK So Can You Tell Us Exactly What It Is?

Basically for good brain function you need healthy and strong cell membranes. This is to both transport nutrients and dispose of waste. These priceless membranes can be best described as a skin surrounding all living cells in your body.

Phosphatidylserine can be looked upon as a building block for all cell membranes, but especially in the case of the brain! We simply can’t do without it! As we get older it’s so important to try and maintain healthy cell membranes. It is now known the loss of memory, cognitive skills, and the ability to concentrate can deteriorate as much as 50 per cent over the course of a lifetime in people who are otherwise healthy.

What Can It Do?

The most important function involves aiding the efficient working of our brain cells. We need to reduce age-related decline and phosphatidylserine does this very efficiently left to its own devices. But it’s important to remember general brain and nerve cell activity may well decline due to a quickening reduction in neurotransmitter and brain cell function, especially in our later years.

Explained simply this is to do with the signals we transmit to the brain itself. The neurotransmitters carry messages in order for us to carry out even the simplest of functions and stay alive! This wonderful fat helps control the transfer of nutrients and neurotransmitters vital for good mental activity and general overall health.

Phosphatidylserine Aids Brain Cell Function and Reduces Age-Related Mental Decline! Regardless of how old we are the brain still needs to be exercised regularly just like any other part of the body!

Research studies the world over have revealed the consumption of 800mg per day, of Phosphatidylserine for 10 days, significantly lowered the level of cortisol in the blood after exercise!

There are a number of things it can do over the long term and one of them is improving memory leading to a fit and sound mind. With this comes much better focus so we can concentrate on something healthily and for longer. It can actually bring increased energy which is always very important in our fast moving day to day lives. The bottom line is our mental function stays sharp and this has a knock on effect on our senses, very important as we get older of course!

As an example take a look at this controlled research study carried out in Israel and involving 157 participants. Each one received either a PS-DHA or Placebo for a total of 15 weeks. Those taking the phosphatidylserine-DHA showed clear improved cognitive performance especially on elderly people who didn’t have dementia but suffered from memory complaints we can all get from time to time.!

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS: www.mayoclinic.com/health/phosphatidylserine/AN01592

Phosphatidylserine can help those adults who are struggling with age related mental decline linked with things like memory loss and normal cognitive function. More importantly it can provide fast benefits for those suffering from the early effects of alzheimers, dementia and any form of problems senility can cause. Alzheimers can generally affect people over the age of 60 but not always of course and research is still going on to determine just how much phosphatidylserine can help them in the long term.

Remember phosphatidylserine can nourish our brain cells and help short-term memory and even our mood swings. It can also improve focus, concentration and co-ordination. It can also be of great benefit in enhanced learning and the retention of information. Out tolerance to stress can be helped through this fantastic fat substance.

It can certainly help much younger people as well when taken sensibly in the correct dosage. One capsule up to three times each day will give us great health benefits over the longer term. But the supplier will provide the best advice.

Important Information!

Did you know? smoking, alcohol abuse, drugs, excess medications, and a poor diet can all accelerate the process of brain decline. Chemicals in the environment and even heavy metals can quicken this even further! Every day life takes its toll of course but we can do something about it just by being aware of what can happen. Let’s be honest……..the brain controls everything in reality, so we need to keep it as healthy as possible. It’s perhaps one part of the body we take for granted.


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