Whilst this article was written from a perspective of health and fitness, it is a useful philosophy regarding all facets of life:

At some point, like it or not, you will have to take responsibility for your actions. This is a major step in becoming the person who you will be. Personal responsibility is not something that can be explained with a single dimension. Like a diamond, personal responsibility has many sides that encompass the whole.

You are the Sum of Your Choices

Choices you make, regardless of what they are, will shape you. These are a direct reflection of personal responsibility. These choices – that you ponder and make – will be your choices; choices that cannot be blamed on others. Blaming others for the decisions you make is childish and does not improve your abilities. Personal responsibility does not allow for spurious defense or misguided rationale. This means that when mistakes are made because of your choices, you admit them and accept the consequences.

Accept Who You are. Eliminate Negative Behaviour

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This extends to feelings about actions and events concerning yourself. If those feelings are negative, it must be accepted. No one is going to be your personal cheerleader, and it will be up to you to cease behaviours causing negativity and low self-esteem.

At some point this will extend outside of your internal self and you will be expected to manage both actively and proactively. Learning to manage time, stress, fears and burnout takes its toll on your body. Living an active, healthy lifestyle will assist you to overcome these things. This will mean getting off the couch and doing something.

Rome Was not Built in a Day. Make Incremental Improvements

Make Incremental Improvements

There is nothing weak about lacking certain abilities and skills. If you cannot do something or lack prior knowledge, asking for help is not a sign of being weak. It is far better to seem weak and ignorant than to attempt a task that you are not equipped for, and fail. This can have disastrous consequences. Be upfront, honest and true about what you cannot do, and it will take you far. Remind yourself to learn something new daily, for no matter how insignificant it may seem, all learning assists you in some way.

Do not apply today’s knowledge to a historical incident. Consider that two hundred years ago an infection often meant death, yet today people survive it quite well with antibiotics. People in your past did what they did as best as they could, given what tools they had at the time. It is time to move on and learn to regard past hurts and ill-treatment not as a negative, but as something that moulded you into the person you are today.

The sooner you accept personal responsibility, the sooner others will accept you. Liberate yourself!

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