What is Rhodiola?

Rhodiola is a root that has been an important ingredient in traditional remedies, for hundreds of years in Russia and China. Originally it was used by hunters and farmers, who had hard, physical lives, often at high altitudes.

The root, mixed with a little alcohol to draw out the essence of the herb, was believed to keep minds alert, altitude sickness at bay, and thought to allow the body to endure tough conditions.

Today, its uses are not too dissimilar, even if our lifestyles may be! The root is still used to help the body adjust to stress, and keep the mind alert and balanced, ensuring that low moods are kept at bay. This ability to build a resistance to stress in the mind and body puts the herb in a group called adaptogens.

A Remedy for Stress and Depression:

Rhodolia plant with root

A recent study was conducted on 30 people, who were administered a Rhodiola supplement for 28 days. The result was astonishingly positive, with participants able to concentrate longer, in a calm and mentally-gathered fashion. Their short-term memory was improved, and their over-all mental function seemed refreshed.

Similar positive results were observed in a test group who suffered from mild to moderate depression; the rhodiola was able to lift and stabilise moods, reduce anxiety, whilst also tackling accompanying conditions like insomnia.

It was also noted, as a huge bonus, that the participants did not suffer any of the significant side-effects that accompany prescription anti-depressants.

Girl Jogging

A Remedy for Endurance:

Rhodiola is thought to have an improving effect on cellular energy metabolism, by rejuvenating our mitochondria; mitochondria are the tiny powerhouses found in every cell of the body, where essential reactions happen that result in energy production.

This energy then powers our muscles and organs, keeping us going all day, every day. So if our mitochondria are functioning at their optimum level, then our ability to endure exertion and recover from it quickly is improved.

A Perfect Remedy for Modern Life:

Since rhodiola is able to keep us mentally stable and happy, as well as physically strong and highly-functioning, then it really is the ultimate supplement to help us keep calm and carry on. We may not be hunting in the icy conditions of Russia, but we are working harder, staying up longer, and generally burning the candle at both ends more than ever. So perhaps we should follow the example of those Russian hunters, and give ourselves a helping hand with Rhodiola.

What the Papers Say:

Fox News: (Click article for full size)

Could Rhodiola Save Your Life?

It’s a well-known fact amongst health professionals, that reducing stress is one of the single biggest things you can do to improve your health. It prevents illness and lessens mental difficulties, it improves quality of sleep, and even helps you lose weight. So imagine if you can reduce your stress by simply taking Rhodiola regularly?…This ancient Russian remedy could just save your life!

What People on the Web Say:

No More Altitude Sickness!

I do a lot of high altitude hiking in the SoCal and Eastern Sierras. Every time I went to Mt. Whitney or other 14ners and 13ners, I have different levels of altitude sickness. After trying the Rhodiola Rosea, it helps my breathing a lot above 12000 feet, this is the elevation level I start to feel my breathing; the light-headed feeling, can’t catch up the breath and energy loss. The herb is highly used in Tibet for the same high altitude sickness reason.

– T. Chen

Quite Amazing Stuff!

This herb really does increase energy levels, but with no side effects, no jitters, no sleeplessness: Quite amazing stuff.

– DJM “Deb”

Better than Anti-depressants!

I have BPD and found this very effective. It didn’t help me with my stress, but it helped A LOT with making me happy and feeling optimistic and good about myself. Honestly I think it’s better than taking and needing SSRIs for the rest of your life. I dunno if it’s just with my brain chemistry but whatever I love this stuff.

– Dr. Hughes

It Promotes Well-Being!

I have been using this product for about 5 months now and it is the only supplement I can say for sure has an effect. It really does seem to promote a sense of well-being. It puts me in a better mood and helps with anxiety. I have also noticed with me personally that when I go off it I seem to get pretty grumpy for no reason. Other then that its a product that seems to make you feel good. At least it does for me, and my body chemistry. So five stars!

– mini-moo

I Highly Recommend Rhodiola!

This product has a wonderful ability of uplifting your mood and calming anger and irritability. I also experience an increase in my energy. I only give four stars because this herb does tend to slow down your “pipes” 🙂 . Overall, this product has saved me, no kidding! I was fighting horrible mood and irritability issues, probably due to my hormonal changes, that are now almost entirely gone. I highly, highly recommend this product.

– tg

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