When it comes to germs, we tend to do whatever it takes to keep ourselves, and our families, protected from bacteria and illness. And with so many incredibly strong chemicals on the market that act as anti-bacterials, disinfectants, anti-fungals and anti-virals, we may feel that we should be throwing the strongest products we can at any source of infection. But there is another way, that is not only effective and strong-acting, but that is natural.

It’s safe for your family, and for the environment, with no corrosive damaging, chemicals: It is Grapefruit Seed Extract.

What is Grapefruit Seed Extract?

Grapefruit seed extract is made from the seeds, pulp and peel of grapefruits, to create a very bitter solution. The solution is concentrated to such a low, acidic pH that it is has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and even anti-viral properties! This is because acid breaks down the outer membranes of these tiny organisms, dissolving their structure, and killing them quickly and easily.

Grapefruit Seed Extract was first discovered to be effective as an antibacterial about 30 years ago, and today, when alternatives to antibiotics are being explored more widely, its importance is growing.

Grapefruit Seed Extract- An All-Natural Germ-Fighter!

Grapefruit seed extract

Since Grapefruit Seed Extract is made from all-natural ingredients, it can be used to fight bacteria both internally and externally. When taken as an oral dose, it is effective at combating the bacteria that can cause diarrhea and stomach upsets, like salmonella and E Coli, as well as having protective qualities for the pancreas. It is even said to alter the pH of the blood, which makes it an inhabitable place for some fungi (like the candida fungus) and viruses to take up residence. And unlike powerful antibiotics or antibacterial, grapefruit seed extract produces no adverse side-effects!

When Grapefruit seed Extract is used as a topical treatment, it can be effectively applied to cuts and grazes as an alternative to over the counter disinfectants; it can also be used to fight fungi like ringworm and athlete’s foot. Amazingly, Grapefruit seed extract can even fight off viruses, which are known to be particularly tricky customers: There is evidence to suggest that if applied to the sores, the extract can help in the battle against the herpes virus, for example, which includes those unsightly cold sores! If you suffer from skin complaints like eczema or a dry scalp, this is definitely a topical treatment you should try; these are conditions that are frequently caused by bacteria that lives on the skin, and can be found in the water you shower in.

In the correct concentration, grapefruit seed extract can be used as a surface cleaner- no nasty chemicals, no polluting ingredients, just a safe and natural disinfectant. What a fantastic alternative if you are trying to do your bit for the environment, or even if you have a young family with little inquisitive hands!

Grapefruit Seed Extract: The New Natural First Aid Kit

It’s safe and effective, and entirely natural; there really is no downside to Grapefruit seed extract. Try it today, and see if you find yourself replacing all your cleaning agents and anti-bacterials with this amazing product!

What People on the Web Say:

It Helps My Sinusitis!

In addition to the many positive attributes of this product, I found it useful in treatment of my sinus infections. Sinusitis is often treated by doctors with antibiotics, which help cure bacterial sinus infection, but frequent use is not good for the body for many reasons. Sinus infections (sinusitis) can be from viral, bacterial, or fungal sources. Search and read the Mayo Clinic and NIH’s information resource libraries for the science behind what I am saying.

– L. PHD

I Keep This On Hand At All Times!

I keep this on hand all the time. I put my 15-20 drops in a little chocolate milk when I feel like I am getting sick and I can drink it much easier that way. The taste is tolerable that way. Hope this helps someone. I put a drop everyday in my water bottle as a preventative. It is great on toothpaste too! My Chiropractor recommends GSE too.

– Buddha

It Has So Many Uses!

I love Grapefruit Seed Extract. It has so many uses from adding it to dishwashing soap and laundry detergent as a germicidal without the dangerous chemicals in most antibacterial products, to making a fruit and vegetable spray for removing pesticides, taking it internally in a drink and making a germicidal “green” cleaning product for use on everything in the house including carpets.

– Ladybug

Dilute It Before You Use!

GSE is a great product it works for everything. I use it for a sore throats- completely gone the following day- also I use it as a facial cleanser- works wonders on skin. Great thing about it is you only need a few drops of the product. I used it with my pedicures and it is amazing- your feet are smooth as a baby’s. Also, great for sinuses. Be sure to dilute it with every use.

– Dana T.

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