Advance Australia fair…….as there are many good things to celebrate about this great nation. The Barrier reef, The Sydney Opera House, oh and the Emu! Yes this eye-catching bird has been responsible for treating many ailments in humans. And why? Because of an amazingly magical fluid called, ‘Emu Oil’.

For centuries the Aborigines used it to cure so many different types of health conditions. The oil is known to possess many magnificent healing properties.

Native Australians use the oil to treat the following symptoms:

  1. coughs
  2. arthritic joints
  3. bruises
  4. cuts
  5. sunburns
  6. pain
  7. itching
  8. swelling caused by insect bites
  9. sores
  10. fevers

The Emu (Dromaius Novaehollandiae)

Though it’s important to remember there haven’t been many studies supporting its vast number of uses the aborigines do know a thing or two about natural remedies. Emu oil can be a great help in overcoming acne and it can also be used as a moisturizer. Skin care products like Emu oil containing powerful antioxidants can be great anti-wrinkle agents, helping to improve the condition of aging skin.

The most wonderful thing is it’s a natural anti-inflammatory and is hyp-allergenic. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of emu oil. Always remember though, to consult your doctor before using it especially if you’re already on medication.

Emu oil is taken from the thick layer of subcutaneous fat on the back of the bird. Most commonly, it is used for the production of cosmetics.

Depending on what the bird has eaten both the colour and thickness of the oil can differ quite dramatically. When the Emu’s are allowed to run free and eat a natural diet the oil in most cases will be yellow in colour. Most varieties of Emu oil are in the region of 65 to 75 per cent unsaturated fatty acids.

Heart Health Can Benefit Greatly from Emu Oil

The oil contains both omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and of course these are extremely good for the body and especially the heart. Omega- 3 increases HDL cholesterol or the good guy! It also decreases LDL cholesterol which is the bad guy. This means the chances of suffering heart problems are significantly lowered. The omega-6 oils help the body in growth and development. You can take the oil in capsule form which makes it easy to digest.

Emu Oil is used increasingly in sports medicine and by professional sports teams and fitness centres around the Globe.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, emu oil can help with joint and muscle pain relief.

How Does It Combat Pain?

Back to our old omega friends 3 and 6 again, as they can help the oil penetrate quickly into the skin to provide natural pain relief. But it can also take care of infection and reduce any itching just as quickly.

Emu oil is a superb water-binding agent and emollient with anti-inflammatory properties. But remember not all emu oil sold on the market today is of animal origin.

Because of its natural properties there are no side effects from using the oil and you can even apply it three or four times each day for up to three months quite healthily. Of course if you’re problem is still there you need to consult a medical professional. If you’ve recently had a baby and you can’t get rid of those stretch marks then Emu oil will certainly do the trick.

*The FDA has not approved emu oil as a drug to treat or cure disease in the United States

Twice each day you need to rub the oil on the skin areas affected by the stretch marks. After each bath or shower, you should rub more oil on those areas again using a circular motion where it is needed. Three times each week you should take a hot bath with a large quantity of the oil in the water. This will do the trick!

The solid fat from the bird is melted down to create the oil in its crudest form before it goes through a filtering process. The oil is then refined to get rid of any negative properties and then made to smell just a bit nicer!

The hyper oxygenated properties of emu oil enable it to penetrate the skin rapidly!

Emu oil has served human beings for centuries and there’s little doubt it helps with so many ailments. But of course this really boils down to personal choice as the FDA don’t officially recognize it. Take advice before you use it but if you do for whatever reason, we’re sure you’ll find it a good friend.

*Emu oil should never be given the bird!

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