How often have you seen adverts for weed killers that promise to remove those troublesome dandelions from an otherwise immaculate lawn? The very epitome of a weed, the dandelion plant grows prolifically and has taken root across most of Europe and North America. But you may want to look at that humble yellow flower in a different light, because the dandelion is now cultivated as a health product, and offers some surprising and very useful benefits!

The Dandelion:

As much as we may try to chase it out of our gardens now, the dandelion has actually been used medicinally for centuries. In fact, in Persian culture, the dandelion was nicknamed “the small postman”, as it was believed to bring good news. You can identify the dandelion by its wide-serrated leaves and its bright yellow, densely-petalled flower heads. The whole of the dandelion plant is edible, although remedies and supplements are made primarily from its roots and leaves, both of which offer the same benefits. So what are the health secrets of the dandelion?

Diuretic Properties and Weight Loss:
Dandelion is known to produce a diuretic effect, meaning it forces water from the body. This is thought to help relieve water retention, and in turn help with weight loss in situations where, for example, a bloated tummy is caused by the body holding onto too much fluid. Make sure you’re not too far from the bathroom though, you may need to spend a penny more frequently that you are used to!
Liver Stimulation:
Dandelion can help stimulate the liver, helping it produce more bile, and lowering the risk of liver diseases like jaundice, gall stones and hepatitis. This ability to give the liver a kick-start is particularly useful to those whose liver function has been impaired by an over-consumption of alcohol- in fact, you may find it’s just the thing when you are suffering from that Sunday morning hangover!
Improved Digestion:
Dandelion doesn’t just stimulate the liver, it also stimulates all other digestive fluids, from saliva to stomach acid, and bicarbonates produced in the pancreas. The result is a better functioning digestive system, and fewer digestive related problems like constipation, trapped wind and bloating.
Cancer-Fighting Properties:
Dandelion has been shown to have positive effects of reducing and preventing cancer, by seeming to encourage cancer cells to destroy themselves whilst leaving healthy cells uneffected, according to studies conducted at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University in Japan. Although further research needs to be done, it is a claim that has been reported in several medical journals in the past couple of years, which makes it a very promising prospect for the future of cancer treatment.
Nutritional Boost:
Dandelion is rich in a variety of nutrients, which makes it an easy way to boost your health in one step! As well as vitamins A, C, D and B, the leaves are also full of iron and zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium and manganese!

What the Press Says:

CBC News: (Click article for full size)

ABC News 4: (Click article for full size)

Mail Online: (Click article for full size)

Side-Effects of Taking Dandelion:

We always advise pregnant or breast-feeding women to consult their doctor before embarking on any supplementary course. On the whole, dandelion is a safe supplement with few side-effects. However, if you suffer from any known allergy to ragweed, or plants related to ragweed such as daisies, marigolds or chrysanthemums, then the likelihood is that you are also allergic to dandelion. Exposure to dandelion, in this case, either by mouth or skin contact can result in an allergic reaction, and should be avoided.

What People on the Web Say:

It Helps Me Feel Healthier!

I have had a lot of issues with digestion, but this really helps me out. It helps me break down vegetables and I feel like it helps cleanse toxins out of my body. I feel better when I take this product, my skin is clearer and I just feel healthier.

F. Little  
I Would Recommend This To Anyone!

This is the best thing to take when you feel bloated. It has helped so much relieve that feeling and makes pants feel and fit so much better. I would recommend this to anyone.

My Cellulite Has Improved!

My digestion and complexion have never been better! Also my cellulite has improved. Most vitamins and herbs I take do not live up to the hype, but the dandelion root does.

Sheltie mom 

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