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It’s not often you come across a food that is so wide-ranging in its health benefits that it earns the title Superfood. So when something is labeled as the greatest Superfood in the world, it must be quite spectacular: Allow us to introduce you to the maqui berry!

What Are Maqui Berries?

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Maqui berries are only found in the Patagonian rainforest region of Chile. This punchy little purple berry, known locally as the Chilean Wineberry, springs up on an evergreen plant that grows naturally across this whole area of the country. The Chileans have known about the benefits of maqui berries for a long, long time, using it in health-boosting remedies for hundreds of years. But they haven’t been able to keep it a secret forever, because maqui berries are now the latest, and most powerful, superfruit on the market!

Are you wondering what’s so great about this berry? There are new berries reported as the next best thing every year, right? Well, trust us when we say that the maqui berry is definitely one you should pay attention to. In terms of health-boosting properties, maqui berries are absolutely packed full of antioxidants that are 12.6 times more concentrated than the acai berry.

In fact, maqui berries are believed to have the highest concentration of antioxidants, of ANY food available on the market today! And want to hear how versatile antioxidants are? Their benefits range from slowing the aging of our skin, to preventing cancer and heart disease, to helping us lose weight! They are simply essential for keeping us fit and healthy, and gorgeous-looking! And to get all of that from a tiny berry?…Have we captured your interest yet?

Let’s have a closer look at what makes the maqui berry a great weight-loss aid: One type of antioxidant crammed into this little berry is called anthocyanin. Recent research from Japan showed that anthocyanins had the ability to affect how fat cells behaved, and had strong anti-obesity qualities when included in high concentrations into a diet. The maqui berry contains ten times more anthocyanins than any other food, and this is why it is a considerable ally to have in our fight against fat.

As if that wasn’t enough, the antioxidant power of maqui berries is thought to also have an anti-inflammatory effect, and consumers have reported that conditions such as joint-pain and arthritis can be considerably eased after regular use of the supplement.

What the Papers Say:

Fox News: (Click article for full size)

The Daily Mail: (Click article for full size)

What the Studies Say:

This is an article about a Japanese study that showed the anti-obesity qualities of anthocyanins, found in a very high concentration in maqui berries:

(Click article for full size)

Maqui Berries- Your New Health Boosting Buddy!

With maqui berries, you can have the opportunity to boost your health, lose weight and look great in an amazingly natural and inexpensive way. Why not TRY Maqui Berries, and see if you can feel great in no time at all!

What People on the Web Say:

I Feel Much More Energetic Throughout the Day!

I’ve been combining this with another product to help with my arthritis. So far it’s been terrific. Really has come a long way in reducing the inflammation in my joints and I hope it works even better the longer I take these. Lately I have felt much more energetic throughout the day as well.

– nbsnbs03

Back for More!

I used this product several months ago and I was impressed with the health benefits that it showed. I remember a significant boost in my energy levels while i was using this product and it also did a great job of keeping me “regular”. I ran out of my supply of this product a while back and I am back now to repurchase the product because I am making moves to improve my health and I feel that this product is a great addition.

– Sherrie Crowther

Great Combination!

I have spent 10 years working as a personal trainer helping people achieve a wide variety of health and fitness goals. I have found that the type of boost maqui berry coupled with African mango can elicit helps build confidence and motivation for the dieter before they begin an exercise program.

– cyndi_creativebioscience, 25-34 Female (Caregiver)

I’m So Glad I Was Introduced to Maqui Berry!

Hello all, My name is Rebecca, I live in Florida USA and I’m 30 years old. I’m so glad I was introduced to maqui berry; it has helped to clear off the eczema that has plagued my skin for a prolonged period of time. All the medications I have taken before now have only given me temporal relief. After my friend introduced maqui berry to me, I purchased a 6 month pack; as I write this testimonial now, there is no trace of eczema anywhere on my skin.

– Rebecca, 30 Female (Florida USA)

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