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One thought on “Contacts

  1. Hi there,

    My name is Cindy, and I’m doing some public relations work for a site in a similar niche to yourselves.

    I represent a couple of ‘review’ businesses in the sector, and am looking to secure some advertising placements, following a set format, for my clients and just wanted to confirm what options you had available.

    We’re looking for (and naturally have budget for) placements of at least 24 months and preferably 24+ (‘permanent’) which meets the following criteria:
    • A new article on your site, written by us, on a topic of your choice that’s useful to your site and readers:
    o It would contain one, followed link, to my client,
    o It would not be tagged ‘guest post’ or ‘sponsored’ or anything similar,
    o It must appear/be linked to from the main category pages so it can be indexed/found but doesn’t need to be ‘pinned’ or remain at the top of the category,
    o I will work with you to ensure the article is one you find truly valuable

    If you’re able to offer pricing then I’d love to work with you on getting some advertising sent your way. Please just let me know in your reply that our terms are acceptable, and what price you would like in order to work with us.



    PS Don’t worry – I haven’t kept you on a list or anything like that – if you’re not interested you won’t hear from me again!

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