Perhaps you have noticed the mane of thick shiny hair owned by people living in tropical coastal regions? Their secret is Coconut Oil. People everywhere are switching on to its natural benefits.

Wrongly demonized by the FDA for years because of its high saturated fat content, coconut oil is finding new proponents daily, with internet doctors such as Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola singing its praises to the masses.

Coconut oil has been used for thousands of years, and it just happens to be one of the most effective conditioners for all hair types, In fact, if you check, you’ll find it’s the secret ingredient in many a commercial hair conditioner. Studies show coconut oil is superior to both mineral oils and safflower oil for rebuilding hair proteins [1]

How Does Coconut Oil Care for Your Hair?

Regular conditioners chemically soften hair and smooth the cuticles, thereby adding shine and giving the appearance of healthiness. Coconut Oil does this too, but instead of only creating the cosmetic appearance of health, it actually does boost hair and scalp health and repairs your damaged hair. As a bonus, it’s also an antimicrobial which controls the fungus causing dandruff, so you can skip the dandruff shampoo.

Unrefined, organic coconut oil is thick, white and semi-solid at cooler room temperatures and should be warmed to the melting point prior to use on hair.

Penetrates, Thickens, and Protects
Virgin Coconut Oil is completely absorbed by the hair, filling up the hollow shafts, adding body and making hair appear thicker, whilst also protecting it from damage (by reducing fiber swelling).
Prevents Protein Loss and Boosts Shine
Coconut Oil helps hair retain proteins [1] – normally lost through weak, damaged hair. It also seals in moisture, making hair stronger and silkier.
Prevents Dandruff and Hair Fall-Out
Coconut Oil’s antibacterial properties protect the scalp against infections resulting in itching, dandruff, and weak dry hair. They also protect hair follicles, strengthening hair – meaning less breakage and less hair falling out!
Promotes Hair and Scalp Health
Vitamins E and K found in coconut oil nourish hair and boost health and shine. Massaging it into the scalp makes it easier for hair follicles to absorb nutrients, whilst stimulating blood circulation to the area, moisturising and preventing a build-up of dry skin (another cause of dandruff).

How to Use It

woman washing her head with shampoo

Personally, I use a ‘super moisturizing conditioner’ as my regular conditioner, thoroughly mixing honey, aloe vera juice and a standard conditioner for dry hair (a tablespoon of each). Note that these other ingredients are optional. Aloe vera is an excellent aid for skin repair.

You just use it in the same way as you would any normal conditioner, massaging into wet hair. I run my fingers through my hair rather than combing it through. To avoid greasy roots, I don’t massage into the scalp but rinse thoroughly. Getting shiny nourished hair is nice and easy. After a few minutes, shampoo it out. It’s a simple as that.

Smooth and Shine Spray

That is all that is needed, but to maximize results, after shampooing, I also use a spray comprising of both Aloe Vera gel and Aloe Vera juice (a tablespoon of each), a teaspoon of Jojoba Oil and enough water to ensure the mixture isn’t too viscous. Some people add Glycerin because it is a humectant (makes water stick to the hair), but I don’t like it as I found it too sticky.

Give the bottle a good shake and then spray evenly to clean the damp hair. If, like me, you’re prone to slightly oily roots, then start lower down working towards the ends. This spray is great for smoothing split ends!

And if you want to go the whole distance, when the hair has dried, lightly smooth on small amounts of ‘jojoba jelly’ – Jojoba Oil and Glycerin (a tablespoon of each), mixed with a 1/3 of a cup of Aloe Vera gel.

Deep Conditioning Coconut Oil Treatment

For hair that is dry/damaged, I perform a regular deep conditioning treatment. A mixture of 4 tablespoons of conditioner and 3 tablespoons of cold pressed virgin coconut oil works wonders for me. My hair feels so much healthier afterwards, and since using it, it’s almost dandruff-free.

I simply work it into my hair when damp, towel wrap, and leave to work its magic for around 2 hours, before rinsing and shampooing it out. I treat my hair to this ‘healing session’ every other week, although it would be even more beneficial to do so weekly.

If you want to learn what else you can do with your virgin coconut oil, check out our pages about skin and the amazing health benefits.


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