Look around any health store and you’ll see a vast array of supplements for all ailments. In truth the list is getting bigger, and of course there’s a limit to what we can take for ailments or simply to help keep our body in good shape. Chlorella is a supplement reputed to stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria and help in treating serious illness from cancer to heart related problems.

Where Does It Come From?

Chlorella is actually a green coloured algae found growing in fresh water. It was the first form of a plant with a well-defined nucleus, and is over 2 billion years old. Each micro-organism has a nucleus, starch grains, chloroplasts and mitochondria. This is surrounded by a cell wall constructed with cellulose.

It wasn’t detected until the late 19th century because it’s a microscopic organism, but there are a number of species and it can now be cultivated for human consumption. We can do this by using fresh mineral water pools under direct sunlight. This unicellular green algae is up to eight micrometres in diameter, which when grown in large quantities gives lakes and rivers a green tint.

Chlorella was thought to be the answer to cheap food following the Second World War but it proved uneconomic to do so.

So What Can It Do?

Researchers in Japan claim Chlorella may be able to reduce body-fat percentage and blood-glucose levels and help those who have type 2 diabetes. Experts believe it can help with obesity and those individuals who suffer from any form of heart disease. Others claim this green algae stimulates the growth of probiotic or friendly bacteria. and its cell walls absorb toxins within the intestine. It also has the ability to help us improve mood and boost our energy levels.

Chlorella is a Green Single-celled Microalgae

Randall Merchant, Professor of Neurosurgery and Anatomy at Virginia Commonwealth University, in the US, carried out research into brain tumours, traumatic brain injury, and strokes. He began clinical trials in 1986, funded by Chlorella producer Sun Chlorella ‘A’, into whether the algae might improve a patient’s immune system. He said afterwards: “It didn’t make brain tumours go away or shrink, so it didn’t cure the cancer, but it did help the patients by boosting their immune system so that they resisted opportunistic infections.”

Nasa Studied The Green Algae To Determine If They Could Feed It To Their Astronauts

In recent years he has performed clinical trials to test whether the algae could help with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, ulcerative colitis and hypertension. In the studies he found patients’ symptoms diminished quite nicely”. blood pressure was lowered in about 50 per cent of cases pointing to the fact it can help with hypertension. It also significantly lowered serum cholesterol.


A 2008 study looked at the effects chlorella has on those people with metabolic syndrome – the collection of symptoms often leading to the cells in our bodies becoming less sensitive to insulin, and eventually leading to diabetes. Chlorella triggers the genes controlling the way insulin is normally used by the cells in the body and may be of great use to those with metabolic syndrome.

The green algae is being used in some parts of the world to help cancer patients.

Research Summary

The truth is only a few studies have been carried out involving humans so much more research is needed but we do know it can help benefit those suffering from fibromyalgia, hypertension, or ulcerative colitis. It could certainly help strengthen the immune system but we need to be absolutely sure.

Check these videos out for more fascinating information on Chlorella:

So What about the Supplement?

Because Chlorella is an algae it naturally contains very high concentrations of Chlorophyll. This means it has to go through a special process before being turned into supplement form. First of all the green algae needs to be gathered in before it can be completely dried out. The algae is then crushed and prodded to make a very fine emerald green powder. This powder can then be turned into soft, tiny but crumbly tablets. The nice thing about these tablets is you can actually smell the sea from them.

The tablets contain large amounts of vitamin B-12, RNA, DNA, beta carotene and protein. Cell walls within the chlorella have been broken down so you can digest it easily. You’ll find each dose will contain 35mg of RNA, 3mg of DNA and 25mg of Chlorophyll. Most pills are 500mg’s and you can find them in your local health food store.

Some wonderful things come out of fresh water and algae is one of them. But it’s clear many more studies hav
e to be carried out before we can fully benefit from its reputed properties. In the meantime however, people suffering from the ailments we’ve mentioned are feeling much better about the world thanks to Chlorella!

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