You may recently have come across ads for green coffee bean extract, the latest weight loss supplement to attract dieters’ attention. It’s not only dieters who are interested in green coffee bean extract, as doctors and nutritionists are also recognizing its potential to help patients slim down. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous companies are trying to cash in on this interest and using some pretty extreme marketing ploys to get you to buy their products.

Heard Pure Green Coffee Is The Best?

Here’s a prime example of why you need to be on your guard when you compare green coffee bean products. We’ve noticed yet another company employing hard sell tactics for its brand, Pure Green Coffee. The claims it makes about its green coffee bean extract are largely no different to those being made by countless other brands at the moment.

Although, we’re concerned by its claim that green coffee bean extract “is proven to not come with side effects at all”. It’s true that green coffee bean extract does appear to be safe for most people. But there’s certainly not been enough clinical research to prove its safety beyond all doubt.

One of the main issues we have with Pure Green Coffee is the claims it makes about the availability of its products. Right at the top of the page, you’re told that if you’re trying to work out where to buy Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, the product has “sold out in most major stores” but is “still available online”. They make this advice seem up-to-date by adding the current date – but this automatically updates every time the clock reaches midnight and tells you nothing at all about the product’s actual availability.

pure green coffee beans

To make you feel even more pressured into acting at once, you’re then told that stores in your local area are struggling to keep Pure Green Coffee in stock. The page actually mentions your home town – but once again, it’s a simple marketing trick designed to make you feel like you really should buy Pure Green Coffee right away before your local stores run out.

As with other brands, Pure Green Coffee’s website features a video clip from one of celebrity medic Dr. Mehmet Oz’s TV shows. Worryingly, though, this is the best information you’re likely to find about green coffee bean extract on the entire website because, despite looking impressive, the rest of the site has surprisingly few details on Pure Green Coffee. It certainly fails to provide essential information, such as just what’s inside Pure Green Coffee – details that are vital for determining the quality of the product.

So What’s The Truth About Pure Green Coffee?

Dr. Oz show

Green coffee bean extract does seem to work. A recent study published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity found that adults tended to lose weight while taking green coffee bean extract, while research on the Dr. Oz Show had similarly impressive results. Much more research is needed to confirm its effects, but the signs are good.

However, we have concerns about Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. Dr. Oz advises people only to take green coffee bean extract if it contains either Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA) or Svetol. The product should clearly specify one or other of these ingredients so you’re sure of its quality. There’s no mention of either of these on Pure Green Coffee – and it’s not entirely clear how many mg of coffee bean extract are in each supplement either.

Check Your Facts

If you’re thinking about trying green coffee bean extract, do your research first. Make sure the product you’re buying contains at least 45% chlorogenic acid, as this is the green coffee bean extract ingredient that’s thought to help you lose weight. The brand should contain GCA or Svetol and should be free from artificial ingredients and fillers – something you’ll only be able to tell if the full ingredients are listed, unlike with Pure Green Coffee.


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