Our Mission

get healthyGnet busts myths about health. Healthcare is a multi trillion dollar industry worldwide and there are many good reasons to pull the wool over your eyes. Did you ever waste money on a dietary supplement? Or take a medical test you didn’t need? If you didn’t, congratulations, but ifhttps://datingstatus.com/es/ you did, join the rest of us. We’ll help you jobitel com navigate the shark infested waters.

It’s much cheaper to be healthy than to visit the doctor. It’s much easier to stay fit than to diet. And it’s much less painful to take care of your body than to go for cosmetic surgery. We’ll be here to cheer you along when you are ready.

Our Writers

Our writers come from a varied background and we ask them to cover news from their field of interest. Sasha an Anthropologist with an M.Sc. in Food and Nutrition plans to become a leader in building sustainable solutions https://datingstatus.com/ar/ to food insecurity and xjobs org malnutrition in Guatemala.

William is a hardcore nutrition enthusiast and he covers our section dedicated to dispelling the myths circulated by the uninformed, or biased media. Tanya is our beauty expert, and Anna covers medical news. Mike is Gnet’s founder and occasionally feels strongly enough to say a few words!

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