Are you tired of Windows hassling you to reboot your computer after updates were installed? From the Focus Assist settings screen, turn on the switch next to During these times” to select the start and end times. If you want a few more icons on your taskbar, but aren’t keen on resizing it, qtgui4.dll you can configure Windows 10 to show small taskbar icons. It will have two tabs if you only have a touch screen, but if you have configured a pen device, you will have three tabs. One of the key abilities of the app is to make and receive Android phone calls from your PC, but it also lets users check messages and view recent photos from the phone.

They’re not noticeably slower than the newest iPad Pros most of the time, and they have the same great screens, 2nd-generation Apple Pencil compatibility, Smart Connector, and USB-C port; they’ll even support Apple’s expensive new Magic Keyboard case , when it’s released. A new Group Policy option in Windows 10 version 1903 allows the user to set the number of days that a user has before quality and feature updates are installed on their devices automatically, and a grace period after which required restarts occur automatically.

This capability has been added to all 4 PySimpleGUI ports but none are on PyPI just yet as there is some runtime required first to make sure nothing truly bad is going to happen. Click the account you want to add, and then follow the on-screen instructions. Modern security features (like having the Windows Firewall enabled) have made Windows more secure, so Windows 8 offers a three-day grace period for rebooting after Windows Updates.

Tip, you do not want all the system tray icons showing up under the Notification area, because the Notification chevron button will be hid, you will just here System tray area instead after pressing Windows key+B. Besides specifying imported or exported functions using __declspec attributes, they may be listed in IMPORT or EXPORTS section of the DEF file used by the project. It doesn’t really matter where you place the Menu Element in your layout as it will always be located at the top of the window.

4. Select the Windows 10 computer you want to open the web page right away to or click "Continue later" if you want to send the URL as a notification instead. In fact, besides the method we mentioned in the above section, you can also take advantage of third-party tool to change computer ownership Windows 10. You can search for online to look for a tool to change registered owner and organization information.

Under the Local Disk (C:)” section, click the the Temporary files option. This time is in seconds, meaning that by leaving it default, you’ll have 60 seconds before the lock screen goes into a timeout. However, there are a limited number of settings available on the Windows 10 app. Whenever you download a DLL file from the internet, you are just patching the problem you have rather than solving it. For instance, you can take the famous Xinput1_3.dll” error which occurs when a game cannot find the Xinput1_3.dll” file.

Your smartphone today has a ton of computing power, but not everything can be done on it. A lot of times, for complex tasks you need to complete your workflow on a PC. Microsoft understands this, and with the upcoming Fall Creators Update, it’s introducing a new Phone-to-PC linking feature that lets you start work on your phone, and then transition it to your Windows 10 system. On your Android phone, open the Google Play Store app.

You can turn off the first run animation for new users on the machine so that it is not displayed anymore. Windows 10 detects that a newer driver is available through Windows Update. And when it’s finally up and running, you’ll probably need to approve separate Your Phone Companion permissions for texting, then calls, then notifications, and so on; It’s a hassle, but the permissions are there to make sure apps don’t abuse your privacy.

One thing you should be aware of, though, is that touch screen laptops have a tendency of being a bigger drain on battery than non-touch screen laptops. That said, once an account is created, along with security questions, there is no way to remove it. There is no registry hack or an administrator tool to remove it – as of date!. You need not worry about how to recover lost files after accidentally formatting device holding your data or losing files due to hard drive corruption.

The best part about Surface Pro 4 is the kickstand which allows the laptop to be perched on various surfaces in a myriad of positions. To get rid of the badge notifications in the Action Center, right-click on it and choose to either eliminate the number of new notifications or not to see the app icons. We all know that a beautiful background (some random picture) is visible during the startup of Windows 10. However, the thing is when we come to login screen of Windows 10, that background is blurred to focus on login part.

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