One thing I will admit is that I am definitely guilty of not eating the right food from time to time. Anything from McDonalds to Burger King. The trick is to do it sparingly. Unless you are a top level athlete then there really should be no need to deprive yourself of unhealthy food once in a while (I suggest one cheat day a week to keep your sanity). Even though it is OK to relax once in awhile, some foods are actually presented as healthy despite having the opposite results. These foods wreak havoc on the days you are to be healthy.

10. Granola


Want to Lose fat and eat nice tasty food? Here’s How!

Granola is often presented as having lots of fibre for us as well as having all the benefits of nuts. Combined with milk, it can sometimes become a staple of the regular breakfast along with toast. The problem with 90% of granola brands is that they have an abundance of sugar.
A lot of the granola that is sold in shops is simply clusters of nuts that are stuck together with brown sugar. Most doctors recommend not having more than 90g of sugar a day but most granola contains nearly 20g of sugar for every 100g of granola. Even with addition of honey, we are still left with an item that is unhealthy. Sugar directly contributes to weight gain [1].

9. Scotch Eggs

Scotch eggs

The Beauty and benefits of Scotch eggs

Eggs are amazing. They are bulging with protein and minerals and the scotch egg has it’s origins in Scotland but can be found in most grocery stores. If you are unfamiliar with scotch eggs then we will give a brief recap. Scotch eggs are made in two phases.
First, they are boiled to make the egg go hard. The second part of the scotch egg is made with a combination of wheat and pork meat. You take the boiled egg and remove the shell. Insert the egg into the sausage mix and voila. You have a scotch egg.

The egg is not the problem, the batter mix is. This combination of wheat and pork meat causes us to gain some size around the waist. The Scottish have also been known to fry mars bars in batter as well as a host of different items. With all this vegetable batter, it is no surprise to learn that Scotland is the fattest nation in the E.U.

8. Prepared Salad

Prepared salad in food containers

Salads may not be your thing, but they are life savers

Salad is not the most popular item on the menu. In fact, salad comes with a few headaches for restaurant owners and shop owners alike. Not only is it unprofitable if you fail to sell it but the food goes off after only a few days. Also, people find the taste of salads dull. Who could blame them, salad is not the dish you make at home and come to your friends the next day to brag about (unless you are weird!).
It is these facts that led restaurants and grocers to come up with ways to stretch the shelf life of salad. With a combination of preservatives, additives, sugar, nitrogen air and plastic packaging, salads are sometimes stripped of their nutritional value and have little benefit whatsoever.

7. Salad Dressing

adding dressing on the top of the salad

You love salad dressing? Know the implications here

If you want to be truly healthy, support your fat loss goals, protect your body from inflammation and avoid preservatives and additives in general, then you should eliminate store bought salad dressing.

Almost all salad dressing you see in stores contain high amounts of high fructose corn syrup or refined vegetable oils. Even though there is marketing propaganda telling you vegetable oils are healthy, do not be fooled. Vegetable oils are extremely unhealthy [2].

Vegetables oils like soybean oils throw your omega-6 and omega-3 balance out because they have too much omega-6 oil to begin with.

6. Pasta


One of the unhealthy foods. Yes. Pasta!

No matter what type of pasta you eat, it is probably unhealthy. Whenever I mention this at a dinner table with my friends, glasses drop, jaws drop and people stare at me as if I had just kicked a baby. In some ways, attacking pasta leaves people stammering for an rebuttal.
Pasta is primarily made from wheat which elevates our blood sugar level in our body. We have already have an article about wheat which you might consider looking at if you want to know why it is considered the most dangerous grain.

5. Soup Mix

soup mix

Try some soup Mix today. Helps with your nutrition

This is another food that flies under the radar of the general public. Soup mix contains an array of salt, preservatives and additives. Salt is necessary for certain body functions but too much salt puts a strain on our kidneys.
In the western part of the world, we eat too much of the stuff to begin with because salt is in nearly everything. Excess salt contributes to high blood pressure and there is way too much of it in soup mix. Who knew that green powder could be so unhealthy?

4. Ketchup

ketchup bottle with no label

Too Much Ketchup! Want to have High Blood Pressure?

Even though ketchup has been accepted as a vegetable in the US, do not think that this OK. It took incredible amounts of lobbying to make ketchup become an official vegetable and the decision flabbergasted health policy advocates up and down the country.
Even though ketchup contains the antioxidant lycopene, ketchup contains lots of sugar and our old friend high fructose corn syrup. Most ketchup is inorganic and loaded with sugar but it is possible to make your own healthy version at home.

3. Processed Cheese

processed cheese

Anything processed, including Cheese, AVOID!

Certain cheeses can be wonderful for your health and contain a bunch of bacteria that can be good for your health. Examples include grass fed blue cheese, feta cheese etc. . .

Processed cheese is different and is made for the mass market. Like most mass market items, there can be a lot of disadvantages. Modern processed cheeses have been criticised for their possible health effects, inferior tastes, range of tastes, and the different chemicals used during production.
For example, sodium phosphate has been known to cause kidney problems in people, potassium phosphate has been known to cause allergic reactions and tartrate has been associated with diarrhoea. Not everyone feels these effects but some certainly do [3].

2. Peanuts


Love taking peanuts? Think again!

This is the most controversial one on the list so that’s why I left till the end. Despite having nut in the name, peanuts are actually legumes. Even though the jury is out on legumes, there seems to be significant evidence to abandon them for better health.
The problem with peanuts is that they contain too much salt and a lot of omega-6 which distorts the natural fat balance we have in the body. Peanuts also contain lectins. Lectins serve as a primitive pest-resisting strategy in the plant making it almost impossible to digest peanuts properly and they even bind sugars to the body. Lectins have also been known to be pro-inflammatory contributing to diseases such as arthritis [4][5].

1. Soy Sauce

Soy sauce

Avoid too Much Soy Sauce.

Soy sauce is something that is usually added to give flavour. Unfortunately most soy sauce brands contains our two most deceitful enemies, wheat and high fructose corn syrup. This makes it a lethal syrup and even though soy sauce adds life to sushi, use it sparingly.
Too much soy sauce will raise your blood sugar along with increasing the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Soy sauce also contain lectins.

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