We’re sure most of you out there will have heard or come across whey protein at some point in your lives. But other than the fact it’s a very well known milk-based protein, just how much do you know about the bodybuilder’s friend and what it actually does? Well you’re about to find out as we give you the low down on its capabilities.

Down to basics

As the name suggests you can purchase this protein in powder form as a dietary supplement. Bodybuilders love it because it helps them add muscle mass as quickly as possible. They can take it with them in powder form and produce meals within a minute or two. This is ideal for those who need to eat several times each day. It can actually become part of a meal replacement programme or a weight gain regime. It does in fact have many uses. Whey is what we call a by-product of cheese made from the milk of a cow.

How Is It Produced?

Well this by-product from cheese needs to be fully processed, and of course it needs the fat and water to be removed. This leaves us with a form of milk protein which needs to be hydrolyzed, in order for it to be broken up into what we call, ‘peptides’. Imagine these as a sort of chain made up of amino acids. This means the whey can be easily absorbed in your body. What you should note is there are varying types.

Ultra-filtration can reduce the amount of lactose milk in the whey and then increase the volume of protein. Now this gets just a little complicated, but concentrated at 88 per cent minimum, whey protein then changes to whey isolate. If it’s less than this figure it becomes whey protein concentrate. Now the crux is you’ll find a combination of these in complete whey supplements. If you look on the label you’ll probably see, ‘whey protein blend’. Bodybuilders will tell you whey protein powder is the best!

Now you’ll probably know eggs are rated extremely highly because of their high biological value. In simple terms experts look upon eggs as the perfect nutritional food. Whey powder is also put into this exalted company. Better than soy protein and many others.

Did You Know?

Proteins from dairy foods, eggs and meat have a much higher biological value than vegetarian type proteins. This means they are totally absorbed by the human body so of course all the nutrients are used up. Whey protein is very much in this category. Both athletes and body builders enjoy this rich source of branch-chain amino acids.

Whey protein powder can come in a variety of flavours and you can also use it in cooking.

You can add Whey protein powder to smoothies to mix in more quality calories. Hard gainers use this to pack on more weight.

Isolates are the most expensive, the concentrates are the least expensive and the blends fall somewhere in the middle The most popular people buy regularly are EAS 100 Percent Whey, Scifit Econowhey and Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Powder 100 Percent. All of these are whey protein concentrates.

Immune System Help

Your immune system can benefit from whey protein powder. You have Glutathione, a water-soluble antioxidant in the body to protects your cells and help you detoxify. It is linked directly to your body’s defences. Poor levels of this are associated with serious diseases like alzheimers, cancer and atherosclerosis. What whey protein does is maximise glutathione levels in your immune cells. This actually dramatically improves their function.

The “International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition” in 2007 published results of a study on Whey protein. researchers discovered a direct relationship between the supplementation dosage and levels of white blood cell glutathione levels. They discovered Whey protein isolate supplementation of 45g daily for two weeks increased glutathione levels of immune system cells by 24 percent.

View this very interesting video on whey powder protein for weight loss:


It should be very clear of course whey protein powder should be used in exactly the right way and for the right purposes. Your dietician will give you a complete low down of course, but if you’re thinking of using the supplement then ensure you talk with your doctor first who can give you the absolute best advice.

Protein is vital to every human as one of the body’s main building blocks. Our tissue, muscles, bones and skin rely on it. It comes in many combinations of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. These vary from 100% protein to mostly carbohydrates with added protein and fat. Whey protein powder is protein at its best.

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