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Mention the term and many people get this picture of Charles Atlas with rippling muscles. It means just pumping muscle continuously so you look awful right? You know the people……….. they march into the gym as if they own it and then make you look weedy and small by lifting tons of iron right next to you?

Well actually some people have done that in our experience but we probably don’t fully understand what proper body building is. This article will take off the plastic and look at what lies underneath. It’ll also do away with the many misconceptions people have. But we need to define it first!

The Facts

Bodybuilding means putting on muscle by working out and constructing diet to aid with muscle mass and growth. It can sometimes be referred to as ‘hardgaining’. This reveals a person who is disciplined and regimented in the pursuit of acquiring muscle mass.

Some people do this simply for recreation, to better themselves or to enter competitions. By its function it has to be taken seriously but some individuals are much more serious than others. Responsible people don’t kick sand in your face or try to use this to demean others. They do it healthily and with respect for everyone else.

But What About the Sport?

bodybuilder doing bicep exercise with dumbell

Bodybuilders in the sport are judged on physical appearance and by demonstrating their muscular prowess. Many people say it isn’t really a sport because it’s non athletic, which is why despite requests it still hasn’t become an Olympic sport. Poses are used to reveal certain groups of muscle and in fact is part of the training routine.

Bodybuilders will spend a vast amount of time working on this. Misconceptions arise when they are looked upon as strongmen or women or even lifters. Both of these sports are entirely different for a whole host of reasons. In bodybuilding it’s about the aesthetic balance of muscle mass. It’s not about agility or sheer strength!

Tell Us About Techniques?

Gaining or sculpting muscles mass can involve a wide range of techniques depending on what you want the muscle mass for? There is a great distinction between people who gain mass continually through a disciplined regular routine, and those who ‘plateau’. These people are the hardgainers because it’s harder for them to gain strength.

The more general technique involves acquiring as much mass as physically possible for a long period of time. This involves lifting more and more weight with each passing week. When the target has been met or if a competition is coming up, the balance is shifted to actually sculpting the muscle.

Experienced bodybuilders will recommend a training programme involving moderate weights for extended repetition until you can’t do any more. This will be followed by some high weight sets. Some experts will tell you to focus solely on heavy weights for low sets or reps.

So What about Diet and Bodybuilding?

complete bodybuilding natural food sources

It’s important when bodybuilding to increase the intake of things like protein, minerals and vitamins but you should take proper advice from a doctor or dietician first! As you’ve no doubt seen there are many supplements on the market for the very beginner up to the experienced professional.

Again you must take professional advice on this before you begin. There are some chemical supplements as well but stay clear of those, and in any case they are banned within the sport!

The International Journal of Sports Nutrition recommends 1.6 g of protein per kilogram of body mass daily. you`ll need to consume enough quantities of protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, beans and eggs!


Each Meal Should Contain:

  1. 0% Carbohydrates
  2. 40% Protein
  3. 20% Fats
girl showing biceps, holding dumbells with natural food items

If you eat only carbohydrates in one meal, your energy levels will plummet in about 30 minutes and your body will be storing any carbohydrates not used into fat. If you eat only protein, you will have less energy and your body will not be able to turn the protein into muscle because it’s hard for the body to absorb protein in the absence of carbohydrates. In addition, the ratios for each particular macronutrient have to be correct in order to get the results that you want.

Experts say the best way to bodybuild is to actually try different workouts to see what your body really enjoys. A good workout along with a high-protein diet and lots of rest in between will get you terrific results.

So we’ve had a look at the correct definition of bodybuilding and what the misconceptions can be! There are a number of ways to train for muscle mass and you need to find the method that suits you best. You also need to be aware your diet will have to change dramatically and you need to be focussed and disciplined to achieve good results.

Supplements can help but only the right ones so you must take advice from people you can trust. There’s a wealth of reading on the internet so take your time and have a good look before embarking on any bodybuilding programme. It’s not for the feint hearted and you need to be serious about what you’re doing in terms of your body. A snapshot then……………now where’s that picture of Charles Atlas!!

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