It’s always very tempting for those keen to get results to just throw themselves into an intense workout from a cold start. But very experienced Athletes will tell you this is very dangerous for the body! Before you do anything in life you usually prepare – warm up exercises are preparing you for a good workout, so don’t pass it over!

After all you may have been sedentary for a while beforehand and it’s like asking a car to go from 0 to 70 miles an hour on a cold day from starting!

So What Happens During a Warm Up?

The whole idea is for your heart rate to gently go up in order to pump blood much quicker around the body. It’s not rocket science after all! The whole circulatory system will then begin to warm up and this means blood and nutrients will go the muscles being worked!

Now your muscles will work much better and much easier – remember they need to contract and relax to give you the results you’re looking for. Your breathing will also become faster as oxygen is delivered to the muscles.

This Will Safe You Discomfort Afterwards!

Suddenly your muscles will be ready to go into overdrive and you’ll get a greater motion range depending on the type of workout. Crucially it means the risk of injury is greatly reduced. The truth is any cold muscle is at far greater risk from injury starting from cold, than when receiving general impact. The important thing is just spending 5 or 6 minutes warming up can save an injury keeping you away from exercise for weeks!

In particularly intense workouts you might experience a little discomfort because your muscles weren’t at their full range of motion. Tiny tears are what will give you the pain later on or even the day afterwards. A good warm up will help this no end especially at the very beginning of an exercise regime!

But You Should Take Note Also of the Psychological Effects!

The good thing about a warm up is it can also prepare you mentally for the workout to come. It helps clear clutter from the mind and even help you focus much better. You’ll actually feel much better in yourself and ready to stretch yourself more fully. You’ll also maintain balance and co-ordination as the body will be ready to work harder. The fact is any form of disciplined warm up is essential and it can bring a huge range of benefits. It should actually be part of the full workout routine. It’s also a great idea to spend a couple of minutes warming down after the workout.

This lets the body slow down gradually instead of coming to a sudden halt. When planning a new exercise routine make the warm up an essential part of your fitness drive. Look at soccer players on the touchline – athletes before the start of their race on the track – swimmers before they get ready to hit the water in an event. Look at how they warm up before the start and take note.

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