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Tribulus Terristris: The Natural Bodybuilder

Michael Donelly
By: Michael Donelly on November 13, 2012
Tribulus Terristris: The Natural Bodybuilder

If you work out regularly and are looking to build muscle, it can be a long slog of trying different diets and supplements to get the magic bodybuilding formula right.

For the last ten years, a growing community of athletes has turned to Tribulus Terristris, and now, given its proven effectiveness, it is more popular than ever.

Could Tribulus Terristris be the supplement you’ve always been looking for to get your body in the shape you want?

What is Tribulus Terristris?

Tribulus Terristris plant

Tribulus Terrestris, known as Trib amongst its fans, is a flowering plant from the vine family. Originally native to the warm climates of Africa, Southern Asia and Australia, now it is cultivated commercially worldwide.

Trib was used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine as a general health-boosting remedy, but rose to public attention in the 1990′s after the Bulgarian Olympic weight-lifting team claimed that the herb was improving their athletic performance.

Why is Tribulus Terristris Used Today?

Following the endorsement of the Bulgarian weight-lifting team, Tribulus Terristris became widely used as a workout performance aid, and athletes continue to swear by it today! It is thought to increase the level of testosterone in the blood, which dramatically improves performance, but also speeds up the recovery of the muscles immediately following exercise: During exercise muscle fibres are often torn and damaged- it is the repair process, where new tissue is produced that causes a growth and improvement in the muscle. Testosterone supports the protein synthesis of new muscle fibres, so the more that is available in the blood stream, the more that repair and growth of new muscle is possible.

And this is not all: The increase in testosterone can improve male libido, and even help to overcome impotence!

For men suffering from fertility problems, Tribulus Terrestris could be a possible solution, since the remedy has been shown to improve sperm motility.

What the Papers Say:

Mail Online: (Click article for full size)

Men’s Fitness: (Click article for full size)

Tribulus Terristris- Your New Training Buddy!

This natural supplement could be all it takes to take your workout from frustrating to rewarding. Exercise better, recover better, and look great quicker with Tribulus Terrestris!

What people on the Web Say:

Highly Recommended!

I have purchased tribulus from a number of different sources over the years.
The thing about tribulus is that is effective for increasing sex drive when taken alone. I know this because I’ve taken it alone and my desire for sex increased pretty significantly.
For increasing lean muscle tissue in the gym, this supplement is more of a catalyst to increasing testosterone rather than being the main driving force behind it. I recommend taking longjack and/or DAA along with the trib if muscle is your primary motivation for taking this product.
If it is for increasing your sex drive, I still recommend trying it with the other two just because it plain works better when combined with these other types of supplements.

– Eli G.

I Have Noticed a Huge Difference!

This can definitely give you the boost you have been missing. I have not been taking it for to long but have noticed a huge difference.

– S Read

Best Results I Have Ever Gotten!

The best results I have ever gotten in terms of increased stamina and performance in the bedroom is from taking tribulus, definitely increases libido levels. I’ve noticed tribulus also helps in the gym.

– Ken Chang

  1. I can’t read properly especially on the first part because of the ads. Is Tribulus Terristris not a steroids?

    • Bones

      Hello Dan

      Technically it’s a steroid saponin which is a precursor to steroid production in the body. It’s thought to normalize testosterone levels.

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