OK so how would you like to try a new diet? Something original, completely natural, and good for you. The perfect partner for your Get fit drive!

Let me present to you, ‘The Stone Age diet’ or ‘Paleo Diet’

No this doesn’t mean hunting for rabbits at stonehenge or going to a vegan commune!

And yes we’re very serious………..you see the caveman diet strips bare food processing and additives completely away, leaving on our plates what used to be good for us tens of thousands of years ago. It’s brilliant simply because it matches our eating with our actual genetic make-up!

All you need to do is take out foods they didn’t have back then and replace them with lean meats, veggies, fruits, and healthy fat from sources like nuts! The trick is to balance the amount of these foods you consume.

But on the caveman diet you’ll have to give up clubbing! (that was a joke by the way!)

In the 80’s S. Boyd Eaton and Melvin Konner published a paper in the “New England Journal of Medicine”, fully supporting Palaeolithic nutrition. It brought the Palaeolithic diet into the medical spotlight. Over the next 20 years hundreds of scientists, doctors, nutritionists and other medical professionals endorsed this diet through books, videos, papers and websites.

How about if we told you it completely eradicates sugar and disposes of the need to eat any form of grains? Remember, sugar causes energy lifts and then drops, turning to fat unless we use this immediately. This is when the real problems begin:

Did you know? 66 per cent of us are overweight – 33 per cent of us are obese – and it isn’t improving!

The first study on diets away from grains, dairy and processed foods was performed by Dr. Kerin O’Dea at the University of Melbourne and published in the Journal, Diabetes in 1984 (6). Dr. O’Dea gathered together 10 middle aged Australian Aborigines born in the “Outback”. They had lived as hunter gatherers until forced to settle into a rural community eating western food. All 10 became overweight and developed type 2 diabetes.

The 10 then reverted to their former lives for a seven week period. They began to eat traditional fresh foods: kangaroos, birds, crocodiles, turtles, shellfish, yams, figs, yabbies (freshwater crayfish), freshwater bream and bush honey.

Amazingly the average weight loss in the group was 16.5 lbs; blood cholesterol dropped by whopping 12 per cent and triglycerides were reduced by a huge 72 per cent. Insulin and glucose metabolism returned to normal, and their diabetes completely disappeared. In real terms this was due to the paleo diet!

It’s now a proven fact many research studies have shown hundreds of lifestyle problems and diseases can be overcome with simple changes like cutting out grains, sugar and gluten! People with a gluten intolerance can get a variety of medical conditions from joint pain to acid reflux, dermatitis to reproductive problems. Modern day processed food consumption is still a leading factor in intestinal problems like Crohn’s disease and irritable bowl syndrome.

Paleo type meals carry a low glycemic load. Foods like this can help you maintain blood sugar levels and control appetite. On the Paleo Diet, you don’t need to look up glycemic values or to count calories or carbohydrates. You can enjoy fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Fish and Seafood, Eggs, Nuts and seeds, Good fats (like olive oil, coconut and avocados).

There are many foods in this category! They say water should be drunk if following the diet rigidly but you can also drink coffee. In fact just do everything else sensibly as well and you’ll feel the benefit for sure!

The Paleo Diet is 19 to 35 percent protein, 22 to 40 percent carbohydrate and 28 to 47 percent fat.

In a 2009 study, Dr. Frasetto and co-workers (1) put nine people who were largely inactive on a Paleo diet for just 10 days. In this experiment, the Paleo diet was exactly matched in calories with the individual’s usual diet.

Incredibly in such a short space of time either eight or all nine participants experienced improvements in blood pressure, arterial function, insulin, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Ok the truth is more research needs to be done linking the paleo diet to weightloss, but if you combine eating healthily and naturally with regular exercise it stands to reason you can control your weight! The Paleo lifestyle will lead to better workouts and improved sleep patterns.

You’ll soon have balanced energy across the day and it’ll burn off that stored fat. It’s a low carbohydrate diet of course, and this can only help weightloss over time. Oh and you’re getting regular fibre!

The New England Journal of Medicine (8) conducted a randomized trial in 2010 involving 773 people. They confirmed high protein combined with glycemic index diets were the most effective way of keeping weight off.

With a very simple move we not only remove the foods presenting a risk to our health (grains, legumes, and dairy) but we also increase our intake of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You still enjoy your food without the anxiety of counting calories all the time!

The pessimists will tell you it’s impractical over the long term. They’ll say a high protein diet can lead to problems. They’ll tell you eating meat will lead to heart disease. Of course they will. But only if you consume far too much meat or fat! Combine the foods in moderation and these arguments can be dismissed according to Paleo diet experts.

Scientific research and epidemiological studies have demonstrated diets rich in Monounsaturated and Omega-3 fats dramatically reduce the emergence of obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and cognitive decline. What more could you want?

So reach for the loin cloth and grow that hair? But only if want to get arrested in the supermarket!

Remember – Paleo is perfect!

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