If you haven’t heard of the health benefits of grape seed extract before, we won’t blame you. After all, who would think that this tiny, hard seed that we usually spit out, could be such a powerful little sucker?? Well, trust us when we say, IT CAN!

What are the Health Benefits of Grape Seed Extract?

Grape seeds contain incredibly powerful anti-oxidants that have a wide range of benefits to our health. But, we wouldn’t get very far by just crunching the few seeds we find in grapes! Instead, grape seeds are collected from wine manufacturers, who separate the seeds from the fruit when they are harvested. Then the grape seeds are made into highly concentrated capsules that contain a powerful dosage of the antioxidant.

grape with seed extract

Antioxidants are hugely beneficial to our health; when chemical reactions happen in our body, in every single organ and cell that we have, molecules are made and broken down, and often result in the production of free radicals. These are parts of molecules that whiz about inside our cells, and cause huge amounts of damage. They are thought to be responsible for the aging of our cells, as well as contributing to illnesses like cancer. Antioxidants work by soaking up these free radicals, reducing the amount of damage that our cells are subjected to, and keeping us looking young and feeling healthy!

The antioxidant power of Grape Seed Extract is thought to help prevent heart disease and cancer, limit skin damage from UV rays, and even help against tooth decay, by slowing the oral metabolism of sugars! But that’s not all, studies have shown that grape seed extract can help strengthen bones, fight bacterial infections and could be used in the fight against Alzheimer’s! A truly remarkable little seed!

What the Papers Say:

BBC News: (Click article for full size)

Medical Express: (Click article for full size)

Grape Seed Extract May be Just What You Need!

We are huge believers in the healing power of antioxidants! When you have a hectic life, sometimes it’s hard to get all the antioxidants into your diet that you need to keep yourself illness-free and looking great; but with grape seed extract, it’s quick and easy to keep yourself in peak condition all year round! Why not TRY Grape Seed Extract for yourself, and see if it can give your health a boost!

People on the Web Say:

It’s Beneficial to My Health!

I use this product for it’s purported anti-oxidant, anti-cancer and immune boosting properties. Sadly I have Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia. I started taking Selenium, Vitamin E and Vitamin C yet my White Blood Count continued to rise. Having read the benefits of Grapeseed Extract I decided to add this product to my supplement regime. Since then my WBC has fallen over the last ten months. It is stable at the moment. I will continue to take this supplement because it certainly appears to be beneficial to my health problem.

– Mr. Robert Brown

I Feel Better!

Read a lot about the wonders of Grape Seed Extract, so decided to try it. Has definitely perked me up, as I normally feel quite ‘low’ in the winter. Have not noticed any side effects. Will continue to take the grape seed extract tablets through the winter.

– Eselsee

I Use Grapeseed Extract Religiously!

I use this product religiously as since taking it I have felt much better in myself and the benefits that come from taking such a good antioxidant are abundant – as shown in previous reviews!

– Charlie, Barnsley

It Helped My Varicose Veins!

I started to suffer with varicose veins and was scared that they would spread and continue to grow in size. After reading that this product can help to strengthen the connective tissue structure of blood vessels and veins, I hoped it would do something to help me. Thankfully it really has made a difference! Although not a miracle cure it has relieved the symptoms, and no further outbreaks are apparent! Very happy with the product and will be continuing to use in the future!

– Karen, Swansea

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