If you’re looking to buy coconut oil, you have two options. You could either go to your local store in case they have it in stock, or you could choose to buy coconut oil online.

Buy Coconut Oil In-Store

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The easiest way to buy coconut oil might be to head to Walmart, assuming you have one nearby. That way, you can physically see products on the shelf and compare coconut oil products such as Organic Virgin Coconut Oil by looking at their labels.

You might also be able to ask a shop assistant for advice on the benefits of coconut oil and on how to select the best coconut oil product.

BUT there are several problems with buying in-store. Firstly, there’s the inconvenience of having to leave the house when there’s no guarantee that your local store will even sell coconut oil. Then there’s the lack of choice. Most stores will only sell one or two brands, meaning you can’t compare coconut oil products in the same way as online.

That’s not a problem if they happen to have the one you had in mind, but if you’re looking for a particular product such as Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, then you may well be out of luck at your local store.

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Another major downside with going to a shop to buy your coconut oil is the lack of information. Just think of the tiny number of words that fit on a product label, compared with the mountains of info you can read online.

If you really want to check that a brand contains quality coconut oil and read customer reviews or the opinions of experts such as Dr. Oz, then the internet is your best bet. You’re also less likely to be taken in by a pushy sales assistant wanting a quick sale and giving you ‘facts’ about coconut oil that you have no way of checking in-store.

Finally, while it may seem quicker to pop to your local store, that’s only the case if the coconut oil brand you’re looking for happens to be a) sold there and b) in stock. Admittedly you’ll have to wait for delivery if you buy online, but at least you’ll know your order is being processed once you’ve clicked ‘pay now’.

If you choose to buy coconut oil in a shop and then discover they don’t have it, you’ve had a wasted trip and will then have to start from scratch online.

Why You May Want To Buy Coconut Oil Online

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There are pros and cons to both ways of buying coconut oil, but here’s a roundup of the benefits of choosing to buy coconut oil online. The obvious one is that you don’t have to leave your sofa. That’s bound to appeal if you lead a busy lifestyle, are rarely free when the shops are open, live a long way from town or simply can’t be bothered to leave the house!

There are other benefits to choosing to buy coconut oil online that you might want to think about. Firstly, the internet is a fantastic source of information, letting you research and compare quality coconut oil brands to your heart’s content. Admittedly, some websites aren’t a reliable source of information and you need to decide for yourself which sites you can trust to give an honest opinion. (You can usually spot the unethical ones if they have pushy ads or make ‘too-good-to-be-true’ claims).

But once you’ve found a site that wants to educate you about products rather than going for the hard sell, you’ll find far more extensive information than you would in a shop and be able to make a much more informed choice. For instance, you can visit the Organic Coconut Oil site itself, which gives you information on different uses of coconut oil, whether or not there are any side effects of coconut oil and why coconut oil is better than other oils.

Dr. Mehmat Oz

Secondly, there are experts online, such as Dr. Oz, who can give you information about a product in a way that most shop assistants can’t.

But plenty more don’t actually know anything about the benefits of coconut oil. Also, you have no way of knowing whether what they’re saying is true, whereas you can verify information far more easily on the internet.

Thirdly, you can read coconut oil reviews on the internet, letting you find out whether a product really is as good as it sounds. Shop assistants’ views are likely to be biased, because at the end of the day they’re there to make sales. In reality they might never even have tried coconut oil.

Another benefit of buying coconut oil online is that you can usually find better deals that way. Prices for products such as Organic Coconut Oil tend to be more competitive online, with limited-time deals and vouchers for coconut oil often available, and you could secure some cheap coconut oil if you’re prepared to buy in bulk. This is rarely an option in stores, as they only have a limited amount of space and can’t keep too many large containers on their shelves.

Finally, if you know you want to buy a particular coconut oil product, it’s likely to be far quicker to do it online than to hunt around for it in various shops. For example, if you’re looking to buy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, it’ll take just seconds to find it on a website – hours, days, even weeks less than it would take to physically go out, locate and buy it.


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