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Relief from Rosacea – ‘Curse of the Celts!’

Michael Donelly
By: Michael Donelly on August 18, 2012
Relief from Rosacea – ‘Curse of the Celts!’

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Flushing Not Blushing!

Rosy cheeks aren’t always a good thing – as a great many Rosacea sufferers would attest to! One of the first symptoms of this non-curable chronic condition is flushing – reddening of facial areas. Though it is believed to affect around one in ten people, it is predominantly those with fairer complexions that are prone to this embarrassing condition, hence it is known as the ‘Curse of the Celts!’ The redness can cause small blood vessels to dilate, becoming more visible, whilst other frustrating symptoms can include burning sensations, spots and even skin thickening (with more severe cases). Unfortunate sufferers get fed up with their Rosacea being mistaken for blushing, sunburn, acne, rashes and even alcoholism!

Red-Faced And Hot And Bothered!

Whilst the exact cause of Rosacea remains a mystery, it is clearly a condition with its periodic ups and downs – causing ‘downs’ and low self-esteem in those prone to it! Certain factors are thought to act as triggers – worsening symptoms – including sunlight, stress, exercise, heat, cold winds, alcohol and some spicy foods. In the absence of a known cure, what are sufferers to do about the embarrassing redness, visible veins and irksome irritation – other than try to permanently avoid all the elements?! Up until more recent times – in the absence of effective over-the-counter treatments – some turned to costly cosmetic procedures and laser therapy. Now Revitol Rosacea Cream claims to provide an answer to this distressing condition, apparently addressing and easing symptoms with just one product, declaring that it:

  1. Minimises appearance of redness.
  2. Reduces visibility of small blood vessels.
  3. Diminishes appearance of pimples or bumps.
  4. Softens thickened skin.

Rosacea Relief…

  1. The cream is reportedly formulated to treat a variety of Rosacea symptoms. It comprises ingredients specifically chosen for their properties that would seem to address these multiple symptoms.
  2. Natural Anti-Inflammatories aid in constricting blood vessels near the skin surface, helping to diminish redness.
    Natural Bacteria-Fighting Agents assist in the eradication of surface bacteria, helping to keep Rosacea breakouts at bay.
  3. Collagen Booster supports weakened facial collagen, making skin more resilient and better equipped to fight off Rosacea.
  4. Sensitive Oil Regulator helps to regulate natural skin oils, improving natural defense against environmental distress that can trigger Rosacea.


Simply apply the cream on affected areas at least twice a day – once in the morning, once at night – to counter symptoms.

Don’t Suffer In Vain!

Rosacea affects people’s self-esteem, causes embarrassment and emotional upset, interferes with their social and personal lives, and yet many still suffer in vain – no pun intended! Though it does seem that there may well be a natural and safe answer to the unsightly blemishes, irritation and accompanying humiliation of Rosacea! So if you’re fed up with people making inaccurate assumptions about you – judging from your red cheeks – then perhaps it’s time to take alternative action, instead of getting all hot and bothered by it!

If YOU thought Nothing could Save you from the Curse of Rosacea then CLICK NOW and let Revitol Rosacea Cream be YOUR Saviour, Keeping you from getting all Rosy-Cheeked for the Wrong Reasons!

Testimonials / Reviews…

Scores of testimonials and reviews serve to back Revitol Rosacea Cream in answer to the humiliating symptoms of Rosacea…

After Three Days My Breakout Was Nearly Gone!

I have had mild Rosacea for 7 years…This is the first product that I’ve used that actually got my Rosacea under control in about 3 days! It feels really nice going on, not oily, no weird smell. I could feel my skin calm down within 1/2 hour and the pimples reduce. After 3 days my breakout was nearly gone. I use it twice a day when my Rosacea is active and then just use it at night when it is calm.

– Amazon customer that awarded Revitol Rosacea Cream a five star rating.

Revitol Customer Video Testimonial!

Closest Thing To A Rosacea Cure!

…It’s an all- natural, strong formula which aims to fight the toughest breakouts, but gentle enough not to harm or irritate the skin. While there is no actual cure for Rosacea, this treatment in our view is the closest thing to it…Out of all the Rosacea treatment products we have reviewed, we believe that this product is certainly a cut above its competitors…In our view it’s important to have a Rosacea cream that isn’t going to actually cause flare ups due to the strength of the ingredients.

– Peter Fitzgerald (Editor)

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