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Raspberry Ketone – The Great Fat Liberator

Michael Donelly
By: Michael Donelly on August 2, 2012
Raspberry Ketone – The Great Fat Liberator

You may have heard of Dr. Lindsey Duncan, recognized health guru, who by his own admission, does not often recommend supplements. He recently decreed raspberry ketone “The Great Fat Liberator” – certainly an emotive moniker for a slimming aid. He was prompted by the recent buzz in the weight watchers’ community about its ability to help dieters shed pounds without side effects.

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Doctors and natural health experts, always preferring natural weight loss methods are now quick to recommend Raspberry Ketone as a safe, affordable diet tool. Many a diet fad has come and gone. What is the reason raspberry ketone is so popular now?

Raspberry Ketone Stimulates Adiponectin Prodcution

Thin people have higher levels of adiponectin than overweight people. This is a protein that causes fat cells to burn. The more Adiponectin in the body, the quicker weight- loss. Enzymes in raspberry ketone help raise the body’s levels level of adiponectin. As an added bonus, raspberry ketone is also an antioxidant which helps slow the ageing process by neutralizing harmful free radicals that cause cell damage, such as wrinkles. It’s thought free radicals also are a cause of cancer. Read more about adiponectin’s benefits.

Tv Medic Dr Oz interviewed weight loss expert and personal trainer, Lisa Lynn and together they demonstrated how fat cells release their fat when they are stimulated by adiponectin whose levels in the body are in turn increased by raspberry ketone.

“Raspberry Ketone tricks the body into thinking it’s thin.”
-The Dr. Oz Show -

Scientific studies into weight loss in mice, published in the Journal of Life Sciences in 2005, established the enzyme’s exceptional ability to accelerate metabolism and burn fat quicker- even after eating high fat meals. These provocative results compelled Dr. Oz. to hail it “The number one fat burner in a bottle”.

Since Dr. Oz’s endorsement of the product, raspberry ketones supplements have been flying off supermarket shelves, and are now one of the fastest selling weight-loss products on the market. Perhaps you are a mite skeptical about these claims, and you would be right to be, but independently collected statistics do not lie:

Close to its peak in popularity according to Google Trends

Customer testimonials

Whatever the scientists say, and no matter what the skeptics say, there is no denying the tidal wave of popularity amongst users.

“I’ve lost 36 pounds, am in the best shape of my life, and did it all without any drastic changes.” says Jordan in an Amazon customer testimonial.

“My friend was the one to recommend Raspberry Ketones to me and I can’t thank her enough.” says Sylvia.

Other customers are mildly less positive. ” weight is gradually going down…like 1 pound/week”, says Terri, and some users complain they had no results at all. In the end no supplement will work for everyone and it’s always best to combine diet regimes with a healthy lifestyle.

Works with no changes to diet and exercise

raspberry ketone weight loss before and after

You don’t need to be dieting and exercising to see results, because the metabolism is already accelerated, but just imagine what you could achieve if you added a raspberry ketone supplement to a healthier diet and more active lifestyle…

Lisa Lynn recommends taking 100mg of raspberry ketone at breakfast, but suggests increasing the dose if results are slow to show. The more overweight you are, the more of the active ingredient your body needs to simulate the metabolism of a thin person.

“It basically slices up fat.”
- Lisa Lynn, PT -

Side Effects?

Raspberry ketone is a safe, natural product that has so far shown to have no side effects. It’s true that many diet pills out there come with unwanted side effects, often because they are stimulant based and have caffeine in them. Raspberry ketones are not stimulants and won’t leave you feeling jittery. If however, you are allergic to raspberries, then do not take raspberry ketones unless you have cleared it with your doctor first.

Eating Raspberries Won’t Make You Thin!

Sadly, stuffing your face with delicious, fresh raspberries won’t have the same effect as taking a raspberry ketone supplement. This is because you’d have to eat about 90lb of raspberries to get the right concentration of the active ingredient for your body to start losing weight.

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In fact, you’d actually gain a whole lot of weight if you tucked in to all those raspberries, and that’s definitely not what you want!


  1. Minimum 100mg at breakfast. The more you take, the more effective it is. You can take up to 500mg a day but there is no known maximum limit.
  2. Works without changes to diet and exercise, but more effective if combined
  3. The longer you take them, the more effective raspberry ketone is

Always choose a quality product with listed ingredients

raspberry ketone weight loss before and after

When you’re deciding which brand to buy, always go with a source that you trust and check the ingredients. Some cheap brands contain fillers and binders that could have side effects and reduce the efficiency of the active ingredient.

Where to Buy

There are plenty of fly-by-night tricksters who are in the weight loss arena only for quick money and who are not concerned with customer satisfaction. Their products are the cheapest possible imports, and their prices are high to maximize their short term benefit. GNet is an established merchant with a significant web presence and a high reputation to maintain, so we have sourced the best possible Raspberry Ketone which is made in an FDA approved laboratory in the United States. This adds to our costs but we pass the product onto the user at the best possible price.

A Quick Summary of Buying Tips

Buying Tips

Health Boost ™
Green Coffee Bean Extract

Look for pure raspberry ketone without additives like acai fruitm caffeine ephedrine, etc.

Beware overpriced products. A top quality product made int he USA should cost no more than 35$ for a 30 day supply (usually 60 capsules)

Beware Chinese imports which may not be safe. Look for products made in an FDA approved lab in the USA.

Check the product you are buying properly lists its ingredients.


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We recommend an all natural US made product from Health Boost ™ containing 100% raspberry ketone, importantly, no fillers or chemical binding agents, meeting the quality requirements of Dr Oz. The recommended serving is 2-4 capsules per day. It’s in stock now in our online shop.


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