Hello my name is Quercetin and I’ve always been a good friend to you and your body. If you haven’t heard of me then a few minutes of your time would be appreciated, as I can tell you all about me. I’m sure you’ll be glad to took the time to find out more!

First of all you can find me in things like red wine, onions and even green tea, because I’m one of the most active bioflavonoids. I contain a very strong antioxidant and because of this I can play an important part in how your immune system functions. When we talk of bioflavonoids we talk of biologically active substances found in plants. I also have a link with vitamin C, one of my relatives!

You can always find me hard at work within your skin and in the lining of the digestive tract. What I do more than most is stabilize your immune system so even when you’re under terrible stress I can help your cells retain their composure. I can also modulate the behaviour of the gene signal NF-kappaB. This is a crucial signal determining how a cell naturally manages stress and inflammation. I know a lot of you suffer from allergies brought on by pollen, but don’t worry because I can help you build up a tolerance to this.

I have a great relationship with the bones in your body but I need to explain this a little bit more. There are bone building cells called, ‘osteoblasts’ and ‘osteoclasts’. I can help to strengthen these to give you perfect bone health at any age. You can look upon me as one of the world’s best natural compounds in this sense.


I’m sure you are very aware of your immune system and the fact you certainly couldn’t exist without it. I can help regulate signals coming from the immune system so you can be protected from various amounts of excess. I bring important goodness to your mast cells so they remain normal and have less of an opportunity to release histamine. The truth is I’m a very good nutrient in the face of seasonal reactions to the pollen count! But I can help with many other such irritants as well! This can give terrific support to your sinus area.

I’m very proud to say I have been used in numerous countries around the world to help maintain good blood vessel health. In fact I’m so well known companies use me in the preparation and production of many multivitamins and herbal remedies. In America alone individuals eating a balanced diet will probably consume 25 to 50 milligrams of me every day.

If you have any inflammatory conditions of the skin I can help in the production of collagen and fibronectin. These are two substances working together in order to keep both the skin and joints healthy. Because of this I can bring some relief to arthritis sufferers and individuals who may have very bad wrinkles.

In recent times I have been working with cosmetic companies trying to improve their anti-aging products. But the great thing is I can actually speed up any repairs to both nerve damage tissue and skin wounds.

Research studies are still being carried out on me but I’m very happy to reveal I can help prevent cancer from developing in cells. My very clever strategy can block the movement of both oxygen and nutrients to cancerous cells, so in effect I’m cutting of their supply of food. Without food they can’t possibly grow of course! In the case of breast cancer I can attach myself to estrogen-receptor sites in the body in place of estrogen. Breast cancer needs this to grow, so one again they can’t flourish!


Everybody fears heart disease and I’m powerful enough to help in the prevention of this. I can prevent what they call, ‘macrophages’, within your arteries. These are a type of cell containing big amounts of cholesterol which as you probably know can harden into plaque clogging up the arteries, and this can lead to severe atherosclerosis!

But guess this? I can even improve the circulation within your arteries by adding strength to the capillaries you have. The great thing about all this is, any diseases caused by poor blood supply to the eyes like cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy can also be avoided.

So as you can see I can help you in all sorts of important ways, and I feel really privileged to be of service. Whenever you eat fruit and vegetables think of me and how you are helping your own body stay healthy. But don’t forget………before taking me as a supplement get proper advice from your doctor.

Michael Donelly

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