If, like most of us, you’ve been known to overdo it on the alcohol and fast food front on occasion, then it would probably be a good idea to help cleanse and detox your liver with the ultimate liver health herb!

Despite its stout prickly appearance – with solitary flower sitting above bed of thorny leaves – Milk Thistle offers invaluable support to our essential detox organ: the liver.

Milk Thistle Complex unites this wonder herb with other natural detoxifying ingredients such as Dandelion, Artichoke, Turmeric, Boldo and Peppermint – providing supreme liver support!

Celebrated Throughout The Centuries!

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Milk Thistle’s therapeutic benefits have been known since ancient times, in fact, as far back as the 4th Century B.C! Generations relied on this gentle, natural, but most effective treatment for liver disorders for 2000 years, so it’s no surprise that modern clinical research has brought the miraculous benefits of this phenomenal herb to the fore! Helping repair toxin induced liver damage, Milk Thistle is today prescribed to treat an array of liver complications such as chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and even drug and alcohol induced liver damage!

Supreme Liver Support!

Its secret: ‘silymarin’ – a seed extract that constitutes the active ingredient in Milk Thistle. It strengthens liver cell walls (boosting toxin resistance), and enhances hepatocyte (liver cell) regeneration, helping repair damage. It also contains an antioxidant that consumes free radicals.

A 1982 study appearing in “Swiss Medical Weekly” showed a higher survival rate amongst Amanita mushroom poisoning patients whose penicillin-based treatments also contained silymarin. Even if your liver is not damaged or diseased, silymarin (an antioxidant) improves liver function by protecting you from other toxins such as pesticides, and helping remove them from your body.

What The Press Says!

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Support Your Liver As It Supports YOU!

With a million and one functions to carry out in your body (actually over 500 but still…) your liver already has plenty to keep it busy! So if you’re going to over burden it with excessive alcohol and fast food consumption, then you ought to at least supply some extra support!

Or perhaps you’re just feeling a little sluggish and rundown, and want to help ensure that your liver is functioning as it should be.

Either way, why not enjoy the benefit of the number one recommended herb for liver health in a Milk Thistle Complex, providing the added boost of other therapeutic detox herbs! You owe it to your liver AND yourself!

What The People Say!

Couldn’t Believe I Hadn’t Got Fatty Liver Due To My Age, Treatment And Drinking!

Hi I was diagnosed with TB and had to take a course of upto 15 very highly concentrated tablets to clear the infection for 6 months. The doctor explained that due to the high potency that my liver would more than likey be affected along with other side effects but would return to normal after completion as the liver can heal it’s self. I took this product and at every testing session I had they could not beleive that my liver count was normal and in fact very healthy. I also had to undergo an ultrasound and the technican could not beleive that I hadn’t got a fatty liver due to my age, treatment, and drinking. in this day and age when we all like a drink and eat fatty foods we can always do with a little help, these tablets are great for that little bit extra care the liver deserves!

– Mr. T. Dure

No Hangover At All Now – This Stuff Is Great!

Great product and if you are a drinker over the age of 35, you really should be taking Milk Thistle…I started taking this about 18 months ago and after about 4 months I noticed that my hangovers were a lot milder. Now, after a moderate night of drinking (6 or 8 drinks) I have absolutely no hangover at all and have no problem getting up at 6:00 AM and going to work the next day. Before I started the Milk Thistle supplement, I would have a pretty noticeable hangover the next day after 6 drinks and there was no way I could drink more than 2 or 3 beers if I had to work the next day…This stuff is great! Seriously, it is almost like when I was 22 years old again…

– Blasty LaRue

Removes Toxins – The Liver Work More Efficiently!

…I love the fact it’s two in one, that is milk thistle and dandelion. Both are used to protect ur liver by removing toxins n waste from ur system, thus taking pressure off liver. The liver still has to do its job but with expedited removal Of toxins it works more efficiently.

– isop31

Cleans My Liver!

It cleans up my liver especially if ive had a glass or two too many.

– John Dunford

Detoxes The Liver When On A Health Kick!

I use the product as a supplement for detoxing the liver when on a health kick.

– Gary O’Brien

Settles My Tummy!

I find this settles my tummy when my irritable bowel is playing up. It was first recommended by a G.P. who also practices homeopathy.

– Jean Wadge

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