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Tanya Cowell
By: Tanya Cowell on August 2, 2012
HCG Diet – The Lowdown

Before you diet: Get informed

It’s wise to know what role supplements play in weight loss before making a choice. Some weight loss products can help accelerate the process and some are just snake oil.

In a world where dieting has become an obsession, and a necessity, it is no wonder that the shelves at nutrition shops are filled with countless weight loss products. It’s been estimated that 10 million adults go on a diet in any given year, and about 45 percent use supplements. The question is which supplements work and which don’t? And of the products that work, uninformed usage can negate the value of using the supplement.

What is HCG?

Dr Simeons
Dr Albert Simeons

Some medical doctors are enthusiastic about HCG, medically known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, as the new hope for dieters. It is a natural hormone that is produced in pregnant women to help store body fat. Conversely HCG helps burn fat, and decrease appetite in non-pregnant women, but it is also produced in the pituitary gland of men.

HCG has been in use since the 1950s as a weight loss aid, first used by Dr. Albert Simeons. Among the numerous studies he performed on HCG to combat obesity, he found that the hormone must be taken in conjunction with a very low calorie diet in order to achieve effective weight loss. He determined that the brain controls fat release via the production of HCG in the pituitary gland. HCG then signals to other organs in the body to produce fat burning hormones. In other words, through supplementation of HCG the body is tricked into producing more of these fat burning hormones.

He found that a HGC reset could stop weight gain even after participants finished the HCG protocol diet. Since then a lot of clinical studies have been performed with many new findings. Books have been written about the hormone and its effect on weight loss. Kevin Trudeau’s book spearheaded popularity among the media. Today, HCG is deemed as one of the best and safest supplements that can help shed pounds, and manage a healthy weight.

There is enough evidence that the HCG program works.

Dr. Oz, America’s popular and most loved doctor has showcased the diet on television where people testified to their success with the diet after he encouraged them to try it.

Robin Phipps Woodall, author and exercise physiologist noted in her book, “Weight Loss Apocalypse” how she used HCG and the diet to shed 59 pounds in just 3 months. Her own personal success prompted her to begin to use the program in her practice. She records that one thousand of her patients collectively lost 40,000 pounds after going on the plan. More importantly, is how the diet lowered blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels of her patients and eliminated the need for medication for those who were plagued with those ailments. She herself continued on the program and went on to lose more than one hundred pounds.

The HCG Regime

Some advocate a 500 calorie-a-day diet. However, very low calorie diets alert the brain to starvation. The brain will in turn respond by slowing down the metabolism to conserve stored fat for energy. When this happens, not only does it make it difficult for the participant to lose weight, it also accelerates the loss of muscle mass, which is undesirable. However, when HCG is combined with the very low calorie diet, the hormone forces the body to release its stored fat for energy, minimizing hunger pangs and low blood sugar. We think a 500 calorie diet is not a good idea. See our tips section lower down to help you stick with the plan. More about the official HCG diet and what to eat.

Side Effects

Among the side effects of following the HCG diet are headaches, constipation and nausea. When following a low calorie diet it’s advisable not to shock the body. If you are used to eating doughnuts and pasta then think about learning healthy eating before embarking on a low calorie plan. Shocking the body by moving from 3500 calories a day to 500 will cause extreme stress and is a likely source of headaches and nausea. Eating a poor quality low calorie diet will cause constipation and malnutrition. See our tips section below to avoid these problems.

Important: If you are diabetic or suffer from low blood sugar you should only diet with the assistance of a qualified professional. Do not attempt any form of calorie restriction without supervision as dieting will further lower your blood sugar.

Tips for Success

    1. It’s advisable to follow a healthy eating plan for a week before you begin without restricting your calories to give your body time to adjust. Once you begin dieting, every calorie should count and should be packed with nutrition to minimize mineral and vitamin deficiencies. It’s advisable to also supplement with a good multivitamin during the diet phase.
    2. For optimum success, do not follow a 500 Calorie diet. Avoid websites advocating this. A diet of around 50% of your recommended daily limit is more than sufficient to see significant weight loss. This means around 1000 calories for women and 1250 calories per day for men of average muscle mass. If you are over 30 you can drop these numbers 10%.
    3. Drink PLENTY of water during the diet. If you don’t have high blood pressure you should also add a pinch salt to all water and food as it will help you keep your blood pressure up. If you feel faint, drink mildly salted water.
    4. Dieting, can cause a drop in the levels of serotonin (the happiness hormone) in the brain and can cause feelings of sadness and worthlessness which might prompt you to throw in the towel. A supplement of serotonin-boosting 5-HTP 50mg per day can boost your mood. 5-HTP is available in our online store and makes an excellent complement to the HCG program. You can read about 5-HTP usage during weight loss here:

GNet Has HCG Drops for Sale

HCG comes in two forms: Injection and sub lingual drops. If you would like to use the injections they must be purchased with a doctor’s prescription from a drug store. HCG drops are a supplement and can be purchased over the internet. EasyHCG is a brand that has been around for a few years and has an excellent track record of customer satisfaction.


Most Common HCG Diet Questions

Is Sleep Important On The Diet Plan?

Here are some pertinent facts about sleep and weight loss. – Sleep deprivation leads to stress, which in turn leads to overeating. – Lack of sleep can produce excess hormone called Cortisol that is known to promote storage of fat. – Scientists have proven that the body uses energy to burn more calories during deep sleep phase. – Getting adequate sleep therefore cannot be over emphasized whilst on the program. Note that 5-HTP which we already recommended to ease sadness also promotes peaceful slumber..

I Hate Counting Calories: How Do I Track Food Intake On The Program?

Granted, calorie counting is one of the most tedious tasks any dieter can engage in. A lot of people simply cannot keep up with tracking every morsel they put in their mouth. However it is recommended you do so. The diet is only for a few weeks so it’s best to keep a diary with you and write down what you’ve eaten so you can total up the calories later in the day.

How Do I Maintain My Weight After The Diet?

This is most common question asked by all dieters because there is simply no point in going on a diet if the weight loss cannot be kept off. So when dieters ask us “Can I keep off the weight after the program” we say absolutely yes! Phase 4 is the maintenance part of the program, but keeping off the weight actually starts from Phase 3. This is where non-starchy carbohydrates are re-introduced into the program and the participant begins to eat regular foods. During phase 2, the stomach begins to shrink due to fewer amounts of foods eaten. The stomach in fact shrinks to accommodate whatever amount of food it receives. By the time a participant gets to Phase 3, the stomach would have shrunk due to the lower amount of food it has become accustomed to. It therefore goes without saying that large quantities of food cannot be eaten, even if the person wants to. They will simply not be able to eat that much food. The key to keeping weight off is to listen to the body cues and not ignore the “feel full” signals the body gives us, when we have reached our capacity. Even though the brain becomes programmed after the HCG plan to stop storing fat, it’s wise to monitor weight regularly, and stick with the healthy nutritional habits learnt. Key is also to adopt an exercise program to maintain and keep the body in shape.

Homeopathic or Pure HCG Which One Is Better?

Regardless of which form of HCG taken, weight loss will definitely occur. However, some people claim they haven’t had much success using homeopathic HCG drops. Granted, there are more hassles involved in getting pure HCG, and a lot of people do not want to set up numerous doctors’ appointments and go through the painful process of daily injections. Even if the doctors’ office visits can be eliminated with the purchase of self-administering vials, there are a lot of people who have a fear of needles and cannot inject themselves. If this is truly the situation, then HCG Activator pills might be an alternative.

How Safe Is The HCG Dietary Plan?

Though the FDA has not approved this diet, the hormone has been used safely to administer weight loss for over a century with no reported fatalities. The HCG diet is also considered safe because the hormone is derived from the human body.

Why Haven’t I Lost Any Weight In Four Days?

While some people may even lose as much as two pounds a day, plateaus can set in sometimes, and it can be very frustrating to the dieter. This may be due to several reasons such as insufficient hydration, which means not enough water is being taken in, or it may also mean that the body is retaining water. To eliminate plateaus, the HCG protocol diet suggests eating nothing but 6 large apples and drinking plenty of water for a full day. Water retention can be taken care of by hydrating with dandelion, fennel or parsley teas.


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