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Green Coffee – Avoid the hype and the Scams

Michael Donelly
By: Michael Donelly on August 2, 2012
Green Coffee – Avoid the hype and the Scams

Perhaps you heard about the results dieters are getting from green coffee bean extract? Yet another supplement is doing the rounds and the scammsters are out in full swing to make hay out of the media hype. Websites pepper the internet search results offering miracle results and tout their wares at prices exceeding 50$ for a single bottle. Many of these websites will not even show their prices until they already have your email address, and then if you don’t take the bait they will hound you by email in perpetuity until you accept one of their offers.

But is the product worth buying? The truth is that it does work and studies have shown efficacy, but some of the claims of huge weight loss are exaggerated.

Green Coffee – GNet’s Quick Summary

Holistic internet doctor, Lindsay Duncan who says he normally avoids recommending supplements in favor of conventional weight management is very positive about green coffee.

Another doctor, Dr Mehmet Oz ran a TV segment on it and demonstrated with an audience experiment that it doubled weight loss efforts, and even worked without the need to eat less. The internet is bristling with testimonials, so the supplement deserves our attention:

Research that Ignited Doctors’ Interest

On January 12th 2012, the first results of a study of Green Coffee Bean Extract with human subjects were published. This study indicated that participants had lost weight without changing their diet nor engaging in extra exercise. The study published at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, concluded:

…….Body mass index for six subjects shifted from preobesity to the normal weight range…

In the study over a period of 22 weeks the participants lost an average of 10% body weight and 17% body fat, equating to about a pound per week: A healthy weight loss target.

Study participants had not dieted and lost weight purely through supplementation. Many doctors will tell you that the only way to lose weight is by decreasing food intake and adding exercise. However there is a great body of evidence that demonstrates green coffee bean extract inhibits glucose absorption, and hence it will limit the body from adding new fat. Dr Erling Thom of Paraxel clinical research in Norway wrote:

The results from our international projects show that chlorogenic acid in form of capsules or as an ingredient in coffee has a clear cut effect on the glucose absorption. More studies have to be carried out before we have an understanding of the mechanism of action. We have shown that it is a significant reduction of the glucose absorption

Dr. Oz Tested Green Coffee Successfully on 100 of his Audience

dr. oz mehmet

Dr. Oz featured Green Coffee Extract in his September 10 2012 TV broadcast.

The original peer-reviewed medical study only involved 16 participants, but Dr Oz recreated it on a larger scale with 100 overweight participants from his audience who agreed to be weighed by the show’s doctors.

The group was then split into two: one half took Green Coffee Extract, the other half unknowingly took a placebo. They were told to carry on as normal and keep a food journal but not to diet or exercise over the test period.

After two weeks, participants returned to the show for their second weigh-in, and the results confirmed expectations. Those who took Green Coffee Extract and not the placebo pill, lost on average 3lb in just two weeks – with no changes to their diets.

The results matched the clinical study where participants lost around 1 lb per week. Dr. Oz concluded that compared to a placebo:

Green Coffee Extract doubles your weight loss.

Here is the show:


Side Effects

Green coffee bean extract has been found to be generally safe and symptom free.  Users should bear in mind although it contains reduced caffeine, it is a coffee derivative and therefore might cause sleeplessness and agitation in large doses. People who are anxious or depressed should be aware that caffeine can intensify these mental states. Do not diet during pregnancy.

Why Not Just drink Coffee?

Manufacturers suggest a minimum 45% chlorogenic acid, sometimes listed as Svetol or GCA (the raw active ingredient), for Green Coffee Extract to be effective. Chlorogenic acid is destroyed when coffee is roasted and is not found in drinking coffee.

Key Facts

  1. Official study participants lost 10% of their total body weight, and 17% of their fat.
  2. The results were reproduced live on television with a 100 strong studio audience as participants.
  3. There is a great deal of discussion on the web demonstrating customer satisfaction and good results.
  4. It has minimal side effects
  5. Obese people should lose about 1 lb per week, and more if they eat a balanced diet and exercise moderately

Where to Buy

There are plenty of fly-by-night tricksters who are in the weight loss arena only for quick money and who are not concerned with customer satisfaction. Their products are the cheapest possible imports, and their prices are high to maximize their short term benefit. GNet is an established merchant with a significant web presence and a high reputation to maintain, so we have sourced the best possible Green Coffee Bean Extract which is made in an FDA approved laboratory in the United States. Our supplier Health Boost, also use the trademarked form of Chlorogenic acid called Svetol to ensure the highest quality in our product. This adds to our costs but we pass the product onto the user at the best possible price.

A Quick Summary of Buying Tips

Buying Tips

Health Boost Green Coffee Bean Extract

According to Dz OZ users should Choose Green Coffee Extract with at least 45% chlorogenic acid content (Svetol), and should take the supplement twice daily.

Beware overpriced products. A top quality product made in the USA should cost no more than 30$ for a 30 day supply (usually 60 capsules)

Beware Chinese imports. US made products are more likely to contain authentic ingredients.

Check the product you are buying properly lists its ingredients.


Buy it Here

We recommend an all natural US made product from Health Boost with 50% chlorogenic acid and, importantly, no fillers or chemical binding agents, meeting the quality requirements of Dr Oz. The recommended serving is 2-4 capsules per day. It’s in stock now in our online shop.



  1. Is this product safe for insulin-dependent diabetics?

  2. How do I use the tablets. Once or twice daily. Which one 500 or 100mgs.

    I weigh 74kg but my ideal is 65kg

    • Bones

      Hi Lola

      you can take 500mg twice to four times daily, but it’s possible to take a larger dose if you don’t get tired or agitated and have trouble sleeping.

      Please note everyone who reads this page: Your health is your own responsibility, and generalized information you can read on webpages such as this may not necessarily apply to you. Before embarking on any diet or supplement regime, please consult a physician.

  3. Hi,

    I am from South Africa and I would like to get the name of the manufacturer of this product to contact them to find out if there is a supplier here in South Africa where we can purchase it from.

    Will you please help

  4. So I’ve always struggled with taking capsules and can only do so every once in a while. So would it still work if I were to open it up and pour the substance over some food and do it that way? Or is the swallowing method the only way to get the full benefit?

    • Bones

      Hi Rachel

      The principle is the same. The chlorogenic acid must be digested so it doesn’t matter if it’s in capsule form or not. The capsule will normally dissolve in the stomach anyhow. If you don’t mind the taste of the powder, than go for it.

  5. where can i purchase the product at malaysia? any agent?

    • Bones

      Hello Mustafa

      We now do international deliveries but they can take 4 weeks or longer with US post. If you want it urgently we can arrange a faster shipment for an extra fee.

  6. Hi There,
    I have just received my pack of Green Coffee Bean extract(800mg) I weigh 116kgs how many capsules should I take daily.

    • Bones

      Hi Maria

      Here is a general guide. I would start with 2 capsules daily and if you are not seeing results you can try increasing it. If you find you are restless and cannot sleep then reduce the dose. It’s better to take them earlier in the day to avoid being wired before going to bed. As always, combine supplementation with a healthy diet and exercise. Specifically I would advise avoiding ALL starchy foods like bread, rice, flour and potatoes and also soft drinks and sweet juices for optimal results.

      2-4 Capsules Daily
      The absolute correct green coffee dosage required to lose weight is not exactly known, as the research in young and ongoing. The most cited information on the subject of dosage is from the green coffee weight loss study conducted by Dr. Joe Vinson from the University of Scranton and published in the Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Obesity Journal.

      In the Vinson study, two different dosages of green coffee bean extract were administered to the study participants. There was a low dosage group and a higher dose group. The low dose group got 350 mg twice per day, for a total green coffee extract dosage of 700 mg each day.

      The high dose group received 350 mg three times per day, for a total green coffee dosage of 1050 mg per day. Each received these doses for 22 weeks. Both the low dose group and the high dose group successfully lost weight.

  7. I have just received my green coffee bean extract and raspberry Ketone. 800 mg and keystone 1200. How do I take these and do I take them together

    • Bones

      Hi Lynn

      You can take 2-4 capsules of green coffee bean extract per day, although you might find 4 might make you jittery. Try taking 1 at breakfast and one at lunch. If you feel ok you can double that dose to 2 at breakfast and 2 at lunch. The normal dose of raspberry ketone is 1 capsule twice per day. You can take it any time of day. You may also take extra ketone if you don’t upset your stomach.

      Take all capsules with food. taking them on an empty stomach could upset your stomach as they are concentrated.

      And remember: Eat well – supplementation can accelerate your goal but there is no substitute for good food. See my tips to other posters in the comments section here and try to walk 30 mins twice a day by walking part of the way to and from work. Good luck Lynn. I hope you reach your target soon.

  8. Wondering what I should be eating? I weigh 244 and want to weight 170-180 taking this but not sure what I should be eating!! Help please

    • Bones

      Hi Lorraine

      It’s more about what you should not be eating. Whilst it’s claimed that it’s unnecessary to diet when taking green coffee, if you eat chocolate bars and potato chips all day long you cannot expect to lose weight. The cornerstone of weight loss is to understand what healthy food is and what a normal portion size is. Here are some basics:

      No starch: That means anything containing flour (bread/pasta,pizza, biscuits), no cereals, no potatoes, no rice.

      Avoid sugar: no soft drinks or bottled juices (contain huge amounts of sugar) – if you need sugar then at least you know how much you are adding to your drinks if you avoid the factory sweet drinks. One teaspoon of sugar is about 25 calories. Preferably drink only water.

      Note that I am not advocating a zero carbohydrate (Atkins) diet. This cannot work in the long term for reasons too detailed to explain here. There are adequate carbs in non-starchy vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, broccoli etc.

      Finally – avoid anything coming out of a packet and NEVER snack on junk food between meals.

      If it comes from an animal or a plant and it hasn’t been touched by a factory yet and it’s not starch, then it’s for you. It might sound restrictive but if you can do meat and 2 veg twice a day you don’t need to be hungry.

      If you eat meat, limit it to a portion the size of your palm at each meal. Don’t snack between meals. Eat a moderate breakfast like scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Frying is ok but go very easy on the fat when you cook. Just a teaspoon should be enough.

      If you would like more advice on how to eat you could purchase the Burn the Fat Guide, although if you want to eat starch which is allowed in the guide you will need to do a corresponding amount of exercise to burn off the extra carbs you eat from starch.

      Good luck!

  9. Why must it be taken 30 minutes prior to the meals? Is it because it ‘works’ on the food you’re about to consume? And it won’t work if you take it at same time as the meal?

    • Bones

      Hi Jessica

      That must be a manufacturer recommendation if you read it somewhere on our site. On the contrary I would advise taking it with food to make it easier on the stomach. The key is to digest it properly and not to upset your stomach which can happen if you take supplements without food.

  10. Bones:
    Thanks for the reply! Well, I’ve read comments such as:

    “Many experts suggest taking green coffee extract with chlorogenic acid 30 minutes prior to meals because certain foods cause blood sugar to spike, but the chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans helps mitigate that by reducing or preventing those blood sugar spikes. And the various expert recommendations are likely consistent with the Vinson research study as publicized in 2012. So, for weight loss/weight control, taking it before eating is recommended. There may well be other benefits to taking green coffee at other times, and the research is evolving, and further research will hopefully provide more information.”

    The bottle also mentions taking it 30 minutes prior to eating. I was just curious why. Also, prior to which meals (breakfast? lunch? dinner?)


    • Bones

      Hi Jessica

      The logic behind GCBE is that it prevents sugar being converted to fat. As such it is sensible to take it prior to a meal because it will already be active when you begin digesting your food.

      I have seen some users complain of stomach upset which is why I advise taking it with food. Which meals to take it with: As it contains caffeine, albeit at a reduced level, it’s probably best to take it with breakfast and lunch not to interfere with your sleep and try to eat a small dinner. If you can tolerate it 30 minutes before food then be my guest, but remember once your stomach is upset from an irritant it can take over a week to feel normal again.

  11. hi my name is cathrine and i live in kenya my weight is 95kgs do you deliver in kenya?i want to start living healthy. were do i get your produts here or how do i buy online i have never bought any thing online and i want these to be my first buy,also how many bottles of the green coffee beans do i have to take i want my weight to be 70kgs because my doctor told me that is where my weight should be.thank you.

    • Bones

      Hello Cathrine,

      Yes we deliver to Kenya by normal post, so it can take a month or longer. There is an express post option but it’s quite expensive, although for a country like Kenya it might be worth it as the express option has postal tracking meaning the product is guaranteed to arrive. You can see all the postal options if you try to buy something.

      You will need a 6 month supply in order to achieve such a significant weight loss, and you will also need to follow a strict (although not unpleasant) diet – see my comments here to other posters about good eating habits. You might also want to use coconut oil as a longer term solution to good health and weight balance. Please read here:

      To lose 25kg it will probably take a year or more, so if you see good results after the first 6 months, order a new supply and keep going until you reach your target.

  12. I must eat carbohydrates because I have Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes. I assume choosing low fat breads (for example pita bread and multigrain breads) is best way to eat? I am grateful for any advice you can give to Type 1 Diabetics using Green Coffee Bean extracts. Thank you!

    • Bones

      Hello Barb

      Type 1 diabetes requires close monitoring so it’s a good idea to get a health professional work a diet out with you. A low carb diet will obviously not work for you, although if you read our advice we do not advocate a low carb diet. We recommend a steady carb diet meaning you avoid starchy foods which can cause a surge in blood sugar, but you eat nornal sources of carbohydrate like fruits and non-starchy vegetables. Therefore my advice is the same for you as everyone else: Stick to natural foods which don’t come in a packet and which are completely unprocessed (that rules out bread).

      Green coffee bean extract has been demonstrated to reduce sugar uptake by fat cells so this is probably not for you as your blood sugar is unstable.

      Coconut oil is known to stabilize blood sugar. You might want to consider making it an everyday part of your diet. Read more here:

  13. Hi
    How long does it take to post it to malaysia? What if i am willing to pay for an express post?

    • Bones

      Hi Steph

      USPS Express takes 6-10 working days, which in practice means around 2 weeks. The big advantage of express postage is that the package is properly tracked end to end, which is not the case with normal and priority postal options.

      We’ve looked into UPS, Fedex etc and those are prohibitively expensive and would probably cost double the value of your order, but of course you are welcome to choose any postal method you like as long as you are prepared to pay for it.

  14. I am looking if there is any supplier of this product in middle east I really wanted to lose weight I am weighing 75 kg now which my normal weight is 55 I am stationed in Doha Qatar now .


  15. I would love to start taking this product, however as I have heart palpitations I avoid strong coffee and only drink decaffeinated, I am also 65 years old – do think I could take the green coffee capsules?

    • Bones

      Hello Carmen

      There is about the same caffeine in a dose as a decaf coffee, but if your doctor has warned you off coffee I would steer you in the direction of raspberry ketone, Garcinia or coconut oil for weight loss, all of which you can buy here. coconut is the most natural of all.

  16. I supplement with green coffee extract everyday and I have lost 52 lbs. In addition to supplementation,I discovered an organic coffee that has the equivalent level of antioxidants as a pint of blueberries in every cup. 6 times more than other coffee.

    Coffee is a great source of antioxidants and coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the American diet. What is not known is that until recently coffee roasted using traditional methods only contained 1/6 of the antioxidants of the raw coffee bean. That is due to the high heat in the roasting process which destroys the antioxidants. There is a new Patented Roasting method that preserves the antioxidants right to the finished cup of coffee. In fact it does not alter the flavor or the taste. You can learn more about this breakthrough roasting method at [URL Removed] There you will find scientific research about this break through roasting process. Super antioxidant coffee is made with organic coffee beans.

    By switching to this coffee and using the supplements my weight has stayed off it’s been over 2 years. By the way no increase in exercise no diet change.

  17. hi, i just bought this product because i want to lose a couple pound, my weight is 133 and i want to weight 120. can i still take 2 pills a day or should i take just one a day?

    • Bones

      Hi Luisa

      You can take up to 4 per day before or with food.

  18. Hi,
    I am interested to get it but I live in Singapore. Can I know if this can be shipped over? Also, I am not sure if should I get it via GNet or GNC.. is there any major difference?

    • Bones

      Hello Freda

      Yes you can buy it on GNet and have it shipped to Singapore. It’s best to order a few bottles as the shipping is the same cost for 1 to 6 bottles. GNC is also a good, well known brand. Either is ok.

  19. I am presently in my third week, have lost 4 lbs, and am happy about that! My question is,
    is alcohol (wine) permissible on this diet, in moderation of course. Would appreciate your comment.

    • Bones

      Hello Janet

      Alcohol itself is not processed into fat in the body but calories that accompany the alcohol in various drinks are. Alcohol also stimulates appetite, so I would advise you not to include it in your diet until you are at your target weight. However, if you really must, stick to low calorie alcohols. Here is a link for you to make the decision easier:

  20. If I start taking green coffee extract and reach my goal weight, Do I need to continue to take to keep the weight off?

    • Bones

      Hi Steve

      We are big fans of healthy eating. That doesn’t mean torturing yourself. It means eating meat and non starchy vegetables. If you want to keep the weight off, that’s all you have to do. You don’t need green coffee to reach your target weight – just a decent diet and some determination.

  21. Hello! Will I still lose the weight if I take it after I eat sometimes? Because sometimes I’ll forget to take it before so I’ll just take it right after. And my bottle, each pill is 400mg and says to take 2 capsules one or more times per day. That’s not very specific. So how many should I take and how often? Thank you!

    • Bones

      Hi Kasi

      The conventional wisdom is to take it 30 minutes before food because it needs to be active in the blood when you begin digesting food. I have seen some people complain of stomach discomfort and therefore we have been advising people to take it with food. If you forget to take it, just skip it and take it with the next meal.

  22. Hie, iam Vaishnavi from Kerala.. I would like to know whether the product is delivered in Kerala.. Iam 22 and I weigh 74kg as my doctor suggests that my actual weight should be 55kg.. I tried many diets and exercises too but it was of no use.. I would like to know whether I can buy it through online so that it would be easier for me.. I want to lead a healthy living.. Once iam reminding that iam from Kerala, Kollam..

    • Bones

      Hi Vaishu

      We could do a delivery to India but I would advise you to buy end to end tracking (UPS). IT would be quite expensive but if we don’t do that I doubt the normal post would get it to you.

      If you have tried all kinds of diets without success I would advise you to see a doctor and get your hormones checked. If your hormones are out of balance no amount of dieting can help you.

  23. I am taking the each dose half an hour before each meal, however sometimes dinner can be delayed by up to 1 hour. Can you tell me for how long each pill is effective after taking? Or does the efffect last until the next dose is taken?


    • Bones

      Hello Janet

      The studies don’t go into such detail so I am unable to tell you. However for 1 hour there is certainly nothing to worry about. Remember also that far more important than your supplements is what you eat. You can read our series here on healthy eating

  24. Great website. Love the way you respect your users.

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