If you’re a sports club runner, soccer player or simply need to be in tip top athletic form then fast food will help power you to perfection. But these are not just any old foods. They are power foods guaranteed to give your performance a turbo charged energy boost!

So What Do We Need?

You need easy to digest exercise enhanced foods two or three hours before your big event. Foods created by Mother Nature herself and ready to fuel the body should become part of your regular routine. They don’t include sugary drinks or processed food. So keeping our figure on the trigger let’s take a closer look at the magnificent six!

Watch any top tennis match involving Roger Federer and more often than not you’ll see him peeling and consuming a banana during the time outs. And why? Because his sports scientist friends have told him they contain potassium which can be depleted during athletic performances. Not only do they keep energy levels up they are essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. They do contain more calories than other fruits but these quite naturally are negated during a big match.
What all athletes need is a fructose booster before their performance. But any boost must be easy to digest and incapable of weighing down the stomach. Oranges, apples and grapes should be your best friends in this case, both before and after the event. They help the digestive system and make you feel good in reasonable amounts of course!
This super food not only tastes good but also contains magnesium. Athletes need this to activate enzymes in the body to aid easier digestion. This in turn will help both carbohydrates and proteins absorb themselves into the body. Yet again it’s best to consume this food 2-3 hours before intense physical activity. Like all fruit related energy giving foods you must be certain you’re not allergic to them of course!
This may surprise many people but oatmeal is found at the bottom end of the glycemic index. This means carbohydrates found in oatmeal will be released at a much slower rate. The result is your body gets consistent energy without the highs and lows associated with other foods. I’m sure you also know oatmeal carries fibre and this helps the digestive tract. Oatmeal is best consumed a few hours before your performance.

OK coach so what about fluids?

man drinking sports drink

Ah yes we thought you’d ask that question…………

And yes sports drinks can be a vital tool to any athlete, but only in moderation. Drinking them all the time can have a negative effect on performance. 8 to 16 ounces should be drunk within an hour of any athletic event to restore hydration. They will also give you a quick energy boost due to the sugars carried within.

Oh and of course………good old fashioned water! Athletes can easily suffer dehydration and the problems associated with it. So drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your event. This will actually help reduce muscle fatigue on the day and hep your performance.

So there you have it – fast foods to help you perform better – your doctor or dietician can give you more advice!

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