The aging process is something none of us can escape; but we can escape some of the adverse side-effects that come with it. Read on to find out how DHEA might help you keep a spring in your step!

What is DHEA?

Explaining what is DHEA

DHEA is a hormone created in the adrenal gland, which goes on to be converted into either the female sex hormone estrogen, or the male sex hormone testosterone, depending on your gender. Levels of DHEA are at a peak in our 20’s, after which they start to decline.

DHEA is thought to play an important role in both the aging process, and in a variety of health issues, which is demonstrated by a low level present in people with serious illnesses like anorexia, diabetes and HIV/AIDS.

What Is DHEA Used For?

Research on the benefits is still ongoing, but the supplement is currently intended for a variety of conditions, many of which are age related.

  1. Osteoporosis:
    A study conducted in 2002, and published in the Chinese Medical Journal, showed that DHEA was able to improve bone density in those suffering from osteoporosis. After six months of treatment, a “significant” improvement was observed in the test group.
  1. Fertility:
    Recently DHEA has gained popularity as a fertility treatment in women, since it seems to have the ability to improve ovary function- in effect, slowing the aging of the ovaries. The quality of the eggs released by the ovaries also seemed to be improved by DHEA treatment, and the pregnancy rate is increased. Potentially exciting news for those struggling to conceive!
  1. Muscle Gain:
    As DHEA levels drop as we age, so does our muscle mass, and our bodies are more inclined to lay down fat. However, by supplementing our exercise regimes with DHEA, we can keep our muscle strength up, keep ourselves trim, and encourage the growth factors in our bodies that stimulate new muscle growth.
  1. Lupus:
    Lupus is an often-debilitating autoimmune disease, which affects the connective tissues of the body. DHEA is now becoming a recognized treatment to improve bone density and mental function in sufferers.
  1. Low Libido:
    As we age, our metabolism slows, and with that comes a range of side-effects such as fatigue, weight gain, and a lowered libido. However, DHEA is thought to combat the metabolic-slowing, and as a result keep us active, and our libidos rejuvenated and youthful!
  1. Skin Aging:
    Studies have recently been conducted into how DHEA affects the aging of skin. The great news is that a supplement of DHEA may well give it a bit of a youthful lift, as it seems to stimulate the production of collagen, the component in our skin that keeps it elastic and able to hold its shape. Perhaps in a few years, more and more of our cosmetics will contain DHEA, to keep us looking younger for longer!
  1. Depression:
    The National Institute of Mental Health carried out research that used DHEA to treat 46 patients aged 40-65, with mild to moderate depression. After 6 weeks, half of the participants showed a 50% improvement in their condition. Other studies have shown that low levels of DHEA are linked with low moods, so DHEA may well be of considerable use to those who suffer from mild forms of depression.

What The Papers Say:

BBC News: (Click article for full size)

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Los Angeles Times: (Click article for full size)

Fight the Aging Process For A Bit Longer!

Interestingly, higher levels of DHEA are found in those who exercise regularly- so you can help keep yourself younger by getting moving.

But if you need more of a BOOST, try a DHEA supplement, to see if it can help you fight the aging process for a bit longer!

What People On The Web Say:

I am Losing Weight Safely!

I have had a very positive experience with DHEA. It has picked up my libido marvelously and it certainly has improved my depression better than anything I have ever done for it. I never thought I would get over that but I feel so much better on this hormone in every way. Also I am dieting and doing an intense exercise regime along with the DHEA. It has made quite a difference with that too. I am taking off between 1-2 pounds a week usually, which is a safe amount of weight to loose.

Kristen Stemple  
My Energy Levels and Libido Are Up!

Helped boost my energy level and libido, and seems like my metabolism is working so much better. I’m 55 and feel much more energetic. I don’t work out hard, mostly lots of stretching because of bad back. I feel like I am gaining more muscle since using this product and have lost a few pounds 3 weeks into using this.

It’s Helping Our Fertility Problems!

My wife was having IVF and after one failed treatment was told that her FSH was 25 and it needed to be below 12 on the next blood test to receive another free treatment. Also her egg quality was extremely poor due to a low AMH of 4.5, so after reading all the positive affects online we purchased some tablets and my wife started taking 75mg a day. We have just recieved her latest blood test and her FSH level has come down to 7 which means we can start treatment again. We will definitely continue with the treatment, and remain positive about my wife’s ability to have children.

This Is Gold To Me!

I was having extreme fatigue, loss of wanting to do things I always had enjoyed, low sex drive, and memory loss. After researching hormone issues, this was given as something that was recommended. I was amazed. My issues went away and I felt so much better. No side effects or problems. It actually has helped my issues. This information was golden for me.


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