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Defy Aging And Tired Eyes: Remain The Fairest In The Land!

Michael Donelly
By: Michael Donelly on July 31, 2012
Defy Aging And Tired Eyes: Remain The Fairest In The Land!

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

We have all at some point, woken up, only to look in the mirror and be greeted with a less than flattering – occasionally horrifying reflection – tired and dark, puffy and aged eyes staring back at us! This can simply be the result of an occasional disturbed night’s sleep – or perhaps the price to pay for a night on the tiles!

It is, however, a demotivating condition that a great many of us live with on a daily basis, and whilst it does become more prevalent with age – as Snow White’s Wicked Stepmother would no doubt attest to – it would be a mistake to assume that its suffering is limited to the middle-aged and the elderly, for those with youth on their side are by no means impervious! Whether you suffer dark circles occasionally, or represent one of the many unfortunates affected by almost permanent dark and puffy under eye areas, fear not, for there are products that offer a potential solution to this embarrassing problem!

The Fairest Complexion Of All – Not Always Trouble Free…

girl showing her dark circles

It is a common misperception that dark circles and bags under our eyes are caused primarily by fatigue or stress. A dermatologist will tell you that dark circles under the eye area are, in fact, the result of capillaries leaking blood under the thin area of skin under our eyes, close to the skin surface.

So the fairer our complexion (the more ‘transparent’ the skin), the more prone we are – perhaps Snow White’s Wicked Stepmother would take some comfort in such findings! Eventually the blood turns a bluish red colour, and there you have it – unattractive dark circles and bags that do nothing for our self-confidence, and suggest that we may be burning the candle at both ends – even when we aren’t!

Did You Sleep OK?

Fed up of hearing questions like “did you sleep ok – you look tired?” and “good night last night was it?!” Perhaps you are exacerbated with the situation, having already tried numerous beauty products that failed miserably to live up to expectations, succeeding only in reducing your bank balance – rather than the wrinkles and puffiness under your eyes! But before resorting to such extreme (and costly and potentially dangerous) measures such as surgery, it may be worth experimenting with products such as ‘Dermology Eye Cream’ and ‘Revitol Eye Cream’, two similar products whose results have been attested to through numerous favourable reviews.

Below are just a couple of testimonials that serve to back up their youth-defying ability:

Dermology Customer Video Testimonial!

Revitol Customer Video Testimonial!

Threefold Age-Defying Action…

Promoting beauty and youth is an all important way to boost confidence and self-esteem – things that women in today’s world can be lacking – particularly when there is so much pressure to look gorgeous and defy the aging process by maintaining youthful skin! For some women, discovering the secret to eternal youth has become an obsession!

Created by leading American anti-aging skin care companies, Dermology and Revitol eye creams would both seem to offer a natural and affordable answer to dark puffy eye areas and signs of aging, such as crow’s feet. Though there is a line of thought that no single product can combat numerous issues, it is claimed that these creams constitute all-in-one formulas to tackle the big three irksome eye concerns that suggest fatigue and give away age; dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles…

The Science – No Magic In Sight!

Dermology and Revitol eye creams both use a non-greasy formula, uniting a combination of clinically tested ingredients that are known for their moisturizing and anti-aging properties, as well as their ability to reduce the appearance of fine line wrinkles and dark circles. There are four key ingredients employed by both products that would seem to support such claims…

Niacinamide is a water-soluble variant of the Vitamin B complex that reduces signs of aging by promoting moisture retention around the eye area.

Bisabolol is derived from Chamomile and helps reduce puffiness with its soothing properties.

Chyrsin is a flavanoid that can improve the appearance of skin by reducing excess skin pigmentation (caused by hemoglobin breakdown).

N-Hydroxycicinimide can help lighten dark under eye areas – also by reducing skin pigmentation.


girl applying dermology eye cream on her dark circles

As with most similar products, the creams ought to be applied carefully around the eye area. This sensitive region can become irritated and puffy, thereby defeating the object somewhat, when excessive quantities of a product are applied. Therefore you need only dab a very small amount around each eye and then gently massage in.

Regular application is recommended in order to help reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine wrinkles around the eyes. Although the creams are natural and safe to use, in the unlikely event of any unwanted effect, you should consult a doctor (remember that as with almost any product, it is possible to suffer an allergic reaction to an ingredient contained within).

Bright And Clear Window Into The Soul…

Our eyes are a main feature of beauty on our face, one that we women in particular take a special pride in, though the area around can also betray us, revealing tell tale signs of aging! Findings suggest that there are creams that may well represent a practical way of cheating nature (certainly more practical than searching for a mythical fountain of youth as people did in ancient times, and easier than resorting to extreme modern measures such as surgery!) So based on results observed and the basic properties of their ingredients, it would appear to be worth giving such products a try! With the eyes also representing a window into the soul, giving away mood and feelings, surely you want your partner to gaze into beautiful bright sparkly eyes that reflect your inner youth and energy!

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