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Michael Donelly
By: Michael Donelly on August 7, 2012
Declare War on Acne!

Acne causes significant embarrassment and emotional distress for many, it can be the reason a child refuses to go to school, or to blame for the cancellation of a date! These nasty spots damage our self-confidence, often raising the issue of personal hygiene. Though many people would be surprised to learn that acne is actually not caused by dirt!

A number of factors beyond our control – including hormone balance and individual skin renewal ability – conspire against us, creating these highly unattractive little pits that we often can’t resist squeezing! These ‘pits’ are in fact areas where the oil produced by our hair follicles has been unable to drain and therefore built up in the follicle, generating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria – and voila ‘acne’ is born!

In Preparation…

girl pressing her pimple

With a case of acne, there are several things that we are advised not to do; don’t pick or squeeze spots no matter how tempting (it pushes bacteria further into the skin and damages skin around); don’t over-wash or over-scrub skin (since dirt is not the initial cause of the acne).

So what can we do to improve matters?

Moderate exercise can be good for you, keeping your body and mind healthy (stress is known to trigger outbreaks). It’s best to exercise make-up free to prevent clogging of the pores, and you should shower away dirt straight after. “But I thought dirt wasn’t the cause of acne” I hear you say! – Whilst this remains true, the heat and moisture generated through exercise provides a romantic setting for Mr and Mrs Bacteria once again!

Suitable Ammo!

Despite all advances in modern medicine, there is no singular recognized out and out cure for the all too common condition of acne! There are a variety of products available, designed to clear these irksome, unsightly craters. Topical chemicals, mostly applied in extreme cases, are known for their harsh effects on the skin, so don’t really make for a first port of call.

Our editors were surprised to learn that organic coconut oil is both an antibacterial and also an anti fungal agent. What’s more it is actually good for the skin, moisturizing it and also providing support for the lymphatic system once it soaks into the skin, instead of clogging it up with toxins as man-made chemicals do. Learn more about how coconut oil supports the skin and defeats acne.



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