If you want to increase your body’s ability to give out energy more rapidly, then you should try a Creatine supplement. It is usually bought in powder form that you mix with liquid and gives you more energy so you can train harder and more often so which will produce faster results.

Creatine is very effective for high intensity training and anything that requires short bursts of energy like football, baseball or sprinting. You will also gain weight while on this supplement. At first it will be mostly water gain, but any subsequent gain will be due to muscle.

This supplement is very popular with body builders because it improves the quality of the blood, which really helps if someone is suffering from any cardiac or respiratory problems. It is also of benefit for brain function and if someone has suffered from a shock then it helps to bring back normal brain function.

It is one of the safest and effective amino acids to be used by bodybuilders and athletes to gain both strength and muscle.

How Creatine Works

Creatine works by increasing the volume and size of muscle cells. This increase causes the muscles to expand, which provides more muscle growth. It also gives muscles cells more energy which is essential for body building exercises. There are several different types of Creatine as listed below:

Creatine Anhydrous
This type of Creatine has the water molecule taken away. This then makes the powder more pure.

Creatine Citrate
Creatine citrate is one of the most popular forms of supplements and binds the Creatine molecules with the Citric Acid molecules. This combination of the two molecules provide more muscle than just taking Creatine on its own.

Creatine Monohydrate
This was the first Creatine supplement on the market and is one of the least expensive ones. You may experience some cramps or diarrhoea though. This is caused by the Creatine not being ground down fine enough.

Creatine Phosphate
This type of Creatine consists of a phosphate molecule and a Creatine molecule that are bound together. This bonding takes place inside the muscle cells, but this type of supplement isn’t quite as effective as other types of Creatine.

Creatine Malate
This is a new form of Creatine. It is binded by putting Malic acid and Creatine together. Malic acid is used for energy and makes the Creatine more potent. It also dissolves very easily and is easier on the stomach.

Why We Need Creatine

A western diet usually contains around 1 gram of Creatine each day. The body doesn’t seem to make enough Creatine from the food we eat so we may need a supplement. It is produced in the liver, kidneys and pancreas and is reaches the body’s muscles through the bloodstream.

When we do any heavy exercise, our levels of ATP drop quickly and Creatine helps to restore it to normal levels. It provides energy for your muscles. It allows your body to stay in a high anabolic state for a lot longer.


For the first 5 days, you should take a dosage of 20-30 grams per day as this will load the muscles with Creatine. Then you need to maintain this and should take a daily dosage of 3- 10 grams per day.

Side Effects

Creatine is considered a very safe supplement and is the only legal body building supplement that really works. However there may be some mild effects such as stomach aches or dehydration which can be easily rectified by drinking more water.

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