It’s not a secret that testosterone, the male sex hormone, plays a key role in all things essentially male; It helps men to develop their uniquely male bone and muscle structure, it is an important factor in the production of sperm, and it’s absolutely vital for maintaining a healthy sex drive. But what if it was also the key to sustaining male vitality far beyond youth, and into old age?

It’s certainly the belief of Dr Jeffry Life, a Las Vegas doctor with a difference. At 72 years old, he is the face of Cenegenics, an age-management company whose aim is to make their patients “look and feel years younger”. Plastered on billboards across Las Vegas, Dr Life is the model of health, with a muscular physique that most men in their 20’s would kill for. But it wasn’t always the case for Dr Life.

Time for a Change

Dr. Jeffry Life

It wasn’t until he reached his 50’s that Life first knew something had to change. The middle-aged spread had set in with a vengeance, and he knew that he had a one-way ticket to heart disease and diabetes. So he took to the gym, and within a year had transformed his body so dramatically that he entered the Body for Life contest, and won! However, although his new lifestyle was around to stay, as he got older he noticed that the hard work wasn’t paying off the way it used to- it was increasingly hard for him to lose weight, and new muscle growth was slow and minimal.

A simple blood test revealed that one key factor was now missing- a healthy level of testosterone. As men age, they experience changes in hormone levels in the same way that women do when they go through the menopause, and they begin to produce far less testosterone. This midlife change is perhaps less noticeable for men than for women, but the hormonal shift is no less significant, and the results can be muscle loss, weight gain, and a cognitive decline. Testosterone production actually starts to slow at around the age of 30, and continues at a drop of about 1% a year into old age.

The Benefits

Mature couple in bed

But when testosterone is added back in, these symptoms of old age can be reversed; Dr Life really believes it’s as simple as that. Now specialising in age-management in his own practice, he insists that men who supplement their testosterone levels are re-energised, and able to lose fat and gain muscle as well as a man substantially younger than them.

However, whilst research can demonstrate the fascinating ability of testosterone to prolong a youthful body and mind (with studies showing it can actually slow the deterioration of the brain in the case of Alzheimer’s disease), it isn’t entirely without its risks: research also shows that testosterone can rapidly accelerate diseases like prostate cancer. Scientists also argue that the hormone is not yet entirely understood, which could mean that negative side-effects of high levels of testosterone are simply not known. So, in the case of normal aging, doctors do not widely advise testosterone therapy at the current time.

But despite this, if testosterone therapy could mean a fitter, leaner body, and an active mind for longer, is it worth the risk? Dr Life would argue that for many men, it certainly is.

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What People On The Web Say:

I Feel 30 Again!

The first day I was on this, I didn’t think about it until a few people at work said I seemed more energetic than usual. When I got home my wife said that not once that evening did I say how tired I was. I then realized that I wasn’t tired as usual and felt like doing something other than sit on the couch. I have been on the medicine for 3 weeks and this 50 year old feels 30 again. The best way to describe how I felt before it was like I was in a fog and walking through corn syrup. That is gone and I feel great.

George, USA  
My Body Has Completely Changed!

Effects were immediate and noticeable. Great workouts, better mood, more energy, increased libido and truly major physical changes! I’m 50 years old and for the first time in my life I have a lean, flat stomach and without changing my workout at all. My weights at the gym have increased by about 20%. I do 45 mins of lifting, 30 mins of cardio 4-5 times a week. In three weeks, my body has changed completely and people are noticing!

No More Complaints!

For about 8 months or so I had started to feel completely different than I had ever felt in life. Now at 53 years old, I don’t expect to feel like 20 but I sure didn’t want to feel dead either. No interest in things, no libido at all, depressed, moody and didn’t care. I had no energy…none! My first thought was it was thyroid related since I suffer from Hypothyroidism and just thought the meds needed to be changed. My doctor and I discussed it, took the various blood tests etc. The thyroid was fine but my testosterone levels had fallen almost 200 points since the previous test about a year ago. After starting a course of testosterone, my number’s up to100, and no more complaints!

The Improvement Is Unbelievable!

Fatigue, lack of libido and depression. My doctor recommended me treatment on finding my testosterone levels were deficient. Use it every 2 weeks, it was initially somewhat uneasy, but get used to it easily. Has brought up the testosterone levels to normal. All effects improved to the better. Performance improvement is unbelievable and great!


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One thought on “Could Testosterone Be The Key to Lasting Youth?

  1. One downside may be that one will not prepare for death. Death (and taxation) is coming and testosterone will not delay it all that much. Ideally, when one meets that unavoidable conclusion, one should be in a situation where death is really quite pleasant since ones desire to live is no greater than ones desire to die. As I become older and more and more decrepit my desire to live decreases. This may be a good thing. Dr. Life may have the testosterone and the desire to live of a twenty year old but only perhaps one fifth of the time to live (He, about ten years, twenty-year-olds about 50 years).

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