If you know very little about Bromelain then by the end of this article we think you’ll be suitably impressed. Even if you do have some knowledge of this marvellous enzyme, then you’ll have a wealth of information to impress your friends with!

As with all other supplements it’s very important to use it responsibly, and of course not all claims are what they’re made out to be. So we’ve been doing some intense research to help you out. Read on and discover more!

We Know It’s An Enzyme But Explain More About It?

Bromelain is what we call a proteolytic enzyme found in both the juice and stem of the pineapple. The great thing is it can make for healthy digestion but it can also come to our aid to help treat things like cardiovascular disease and arthritis. Tendinitis and headaches can also benefit from its magical properties!

Tendinitis in particular can be eased through a combination of physical therapy, strength exercises and Bromelain. Sinusitis in children can be treated with the help of this clever enzyme! Blood clotting can be avoided and it can even help with allergies!

It’s worth noting however, some headaches can be caused for different reasons, so this remedy might work for some but not others. We can take this as a supplement either in tablet or capsule form, but Bromelain is also available in some grocery stores as a meat tenderizer.


The people of Guadeloupe first used pineapple as a dessert and then presented it as a medicinal plant to the great Christopher Columbus when he arrived there in 1493. Bromelain, the bioactive ingredient of the pineapple was isolated in 1891 but not introduced as a therapeutic supplement until 1957. Since then it’s popularity has steadily grown!

Enzymes are biological catalysts used to speed up chemical reactions in your body!

The natives in South and Central America have used pineapples to reduce inflammation for centuries!

When we use Bromelain as a digestive aid it’s best to take it with a meal. When used for inflammatory conditions doctors will generally recommend taking the enzyme between meals on an empty stomach to maximize absorption. Anyone suffering from a digestive disorder should seek the best medical advice from a doctor or medical professional!

This herbal medicine is kind to the stomach and has analgesic and stimulant properties. The enzyme itself is found near the core of the fruit!

Joints Love Bromelain!

This clever enzyme can help prevent cartilage being worn down which means your joints will stay much healthier and for longer. It’s another way of avoiding the discomfort of arthritis! Arthritis is incurable, but anti-inflammatory drugs help to alleviate both pain and stiffness. Keeping our joints moving is very important especially as we get older!

You can tenderize a steak, heal a bee-sting and relieve an allergy-plagued nose, all with the same magical protein-digesting enzyme called Bromelain!

Parasites Hate It!

Never a pleasant subject but bromelain has a devastating effect on parasites and regular use can ensure they don’t return. One of its proteins breaks down the substance secreted by tapeworms and other intestinal parasites to protect them from being burned by the body’s digestive juices. It breaks down this barrier enabling allowing the body’s digestive juices to kill the intruders.

The safety of Bromelain in pregnant or nursing women hasn’t been proven as yet. The same applies to children or people with liver or kidney disease!

Veins Love It!

Quite a number of vein conditions can be helped by the enzyme as it can keep the blood flowing and prevent clotting. Bromelain reduces the swelling and soreness caused by varicose veins. Taken as a capsule you’ll soon see very good results on your legs!

  1. Bromelain can help thin the blood which can help in the reduction of both swelling and inflammation!
  2. Bromelain has chemicals that interfere with the growth of tumour cells and slow blood clotting!

We can use Bromelain for reducing inflammation after any type of surgery or injury. This helps the body recover much quicker! It is also used for hay fever, treating a bowel condition involving swelling and ulcers and removing dead and damaged tissue after a burn. It prevents the collection of water in the lung , relaxes muscles and improves the absorption of antibiotics. It can shorten labour, and assists the body in getting rid of fat.

Surgeons and Doctors will use various enzymes, extracted from fruits to treat patients for a large number of reasons!

So remember? If you’re seeking a natural medicine to aid digestion and decrease bodily inflammation, you may want to take a closer look at the Bromelain enzyme!

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