Hello my name is Ashwagandha and I’m one of the world’s most friendly herbs. I’d like to tell you more about who I am and what I do to benefit the world, so a few minutes of your time would be appreciated, and then I can make myself available to help you in any way I can.

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I am actually a shrub found just about everywhere in India and I’m known biologically as Withania somnifera. People sometimes call me the Indian Winter Cherry. I develop small green flowers and experts consider me one of the most valuable herbs in ayurvedic medicine, because I can help in relieving so many ailments.

Because I’m so popular they now cultivate me in special fields and I grow between one and five feet high. My root is the most important part of me and it smells a bit like a horse in a nice way of course, but it can give people extra strength. I also contain glycosides, withenolide with starches and amino acid.

Many of the properties of Ashwagandha are similar to those of Ginseng.

One of my main jobs is to increase oxygen capacity in your red blood cells so your brain and other organs function much better. I’m also used in herbal drinks to help relax people under stress. I’ve even been known to help relax women in childbirth. This is simply because I can help loosen up muscles and stop cramps.

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As far as your white blood cells are concerned I can help encourage them to produce lymphocytes. By doing this I can help build up the strength of your immune system making you feel better generally and protecting you from many diseases.

Ashwagandha is believed to be a longevity tonic with the ability to improve overall health and energy.

In my own country I’ve been prescribed to help the elderly with cerebral disorders, including memory loss. Boffins from the University of Leipzig carried out a study on me by dosing me on rats. The rodents were then examined to see if I’d affected their brain signals in some way. The results revealed I’d triggered off acetylcholine receptor activity.

As I’d caused the same reactions in humans they concluded increased activity in the neurotransmitter was responsible for the increase in cognitive ability and memory attributed to me! I’m what is known as an adaptogen, a substance assisting the body in becoming more flexible in its ability to handle change.

I can give you a feeling of calm, counteracting any feelings of negativity

I can be taken in several ways from powder, to capsules and tea. In powder form I can be ingested a number of times each day, so I’d like to think I can be suitable for everyone in my different forms. I’m also low in calories which means I can help with your weight regardless, and help you feel good about yourself.

But I can do may other things as well – just look at this list:

  1. I can increase muscular endurance and help build up stamina.
  2. I am a powerful aphrodisiac.
  3. I can help increase sperm count.
  4. I can relieve the effects of hypertension.
  5. I’m helpful in treating treating urinary tract infections.
  6. I can help with asthma.
  7. I’m good at treating stress and exhaustion caused by physical or mental strain.
  8. I can stabilise blood sugar.
  9. I can be made up into a tonic to give you vitality.
  10. I can help relieve constipation.

The fact is I can even make you feel a little better if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from Parkinson’s disease or arthritis, as remember I can help to adapt and balance your organs to a certain degree. But of course I help reduce inflammation too because I’m incredibly versatile in my day to day life. And don’t forget you can find out much more about me online or in the library!

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The wonderful news is I can even interact with several prescribed medicines, but please take advice from your doctor before you even consider using me just to make sure.

I’m also known as Indian Ginseng!

I’ll go on working to help humans and the world because we need more loving care from Mother Nature and all her wonders. I hope I might be able to help you in some way so you can ward off any illnesses and lead both a very healthy and balance lifestyle no matter how old you may be. I love working with people and will always do my best for you so don’t forget:

My Name Is Ashwagandha

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