Billions of dollars are spent every year to trick you into thinking some foods are healthy even when they are not. Today we have made a list of some of the biggest culprit foods that are marketed as being healthy even though they are the exact opposite.

1. G.M Food

Genetically Modified (GM) foods

Know what GMO is all Bout

Genetically Modified(GM) foods are not quite there yet in terms of health benefits. GM foods have long been touted as the world’s answer to ending world hunger but studies show detrimental side-effects.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine asked people to avoid GM foods because long-term studies with animals indicate “serious health risks” including but not limited to infertility, immune problems, accelerated ageing, insulin regulation and some changes in major organs and the intestinal system. GM foods have been recognised as a definite causation.[1]

Animals who grazed on GM food in India died in large numbers and the worst part is that GM food remains inside of us long after we eat it.

Conclusion: GM foods might one day be the answer to world hunger but for now, it is important to avoid them. We simply are not at a stage where they are good for your health.

2. Diet Soda

diet sodas, no calories drinks

Is it Really a diet cola? Or a fancy name

Just because it says it has less calories and “diet” on the label doesn’t mean it is better for you. Diet soda has many problems including additives like aspartame. Aspartame has been linked to brain tumors and stroke.

An 11 year Harvard study showed that diet cola can cause a twofold increased risk of kidney failure.[2]

In 2008, a Michigan study found that just one diet soda a day can be linked to a 34% increase in metabolic syndrome.[3]

Conclusion: Despite promises of “same taste without the extra calories”, diet sodas are just as bad as their non-diet counterparts.

3. Fruit Juice

fresh fruit juices

Avoid that Juice

Fruit juice is deceptively unhealthy. It’s marketed as being healthy as fruit but without the need to chew. Fruit juice was born out of an era before the fridge. In the early 1900’s, there was an excess of oranges and new pasteurisation techniques were discovered meaning oranges could be kept longer without the need to throw it away.

One problem with this is that heating changes the chemical structure of the fruit juice and denatures the natural enzymes in the fruit. As the 1900’s progressed, companies started adding extra sugar, additives and preservatives.

More often than not, the cartons of juice you buy in the stores are not actually fruit juice but merely water, sugar and artificial flavourings that have many long-term health effects.

When you have fruit juice on it’s own, you are missing the fibre of the fruit which acts as a natural filter in the body, slowing the release of sugar into the system.

Since most fruit juice drinks are nothing more than sugar water, they include all the health defects of sugar including obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many others.[4]

It is better to avoid drinking fruit juice and stick to real juice instead.

Conclusion. Stick to real fruit and don’t consume fruit juice. Fruit juice will only encourage fat gain and it is not as healthy as perceived.

4. Whole Wheat Bread

whole wheat bread

Whole Wheat Bread has Gluten! Avoid.

Whole wheat bread is advertised as the healthy alternative to white bread even though evidence points to the contrary.

In fact, whole wheat contains gluten, which is harmful to a large portion of the population. Symptoms of gluten intolerance include high blood sugar, bloating, tiredness, stool inconsistency and damage to the lining of the digestive tract.[5] [6]

Wheat fibre not only raises your blood sugar but can also make you vitamin D deficient which leads to depression.

Conclusion: Whole wheat bread is actually not that much better than normal bread. If you want true health benefits than avoid bread altogether.

5. Protein Bars

Chocolate protein bar

Protein bars that Have Junk

Sometimes skinny people want to get big and lean. In the process they consume as much protein as they can and usually end up buying the protein bars at the gym or online. A lot of these bars do have protein in them but they also have tons of other junk in them as well.

Even though these bars can help you build muscle, a lot of them are just sugar bars in disguise.[7] Look out for any ingredients that end with “-ose”. This usually indicates that they are filled with sugar meaning they will actually cause you to gain fat.

Conclusion: When you tuck into a protein bar, don’t fool yourself into thinking that they are healthy. As a good rule of thumb, the less ingredients the better and if there is anything on the ingredients package you don’t understand then just put it down and walk away.

6. Sports Drinks

Sports drinks

Drinks that will harm your body…if taken in excess

Sports drinks were originally designed for top-class athletes at the end of their workouts/games or during a long training session where they would suffer from glycogen depletion. Sports drinks contain water, electrolytes and sugar.

There is no need to consume sports drink such as Gatorade or Lucozade unless you are just after having an extremely arduous workout. Without exercising, consuming sports drinks is in the same league as drinking soda.

Conclusion: Unless you are doing an extremely long workout such as a marathon than there should be no need to consume sports drinks. Stick to water instead.

7. Grain Fed Beef

Grass vs grain fed beef

That Supermarket meat maybe infected!

Most beef you buy in your local supermarket actually comes from grain fed beef. The problem with grain-feeding is that bovine animals are not adapted to eating it. This results in many disorders for the animal including stomach ulcers, acidity build up and E-coli.

Grain fed beef is higher in Omega-6 fatty acids and it is not as beneficial as grass fed meat. Grass fed meat is higher in omega-3 fats which is essential for normal brain and hormone function.[8] [9] [10] Meat from grain-fed animals only has about 15-20% as much omega- 3 when compared with grass fed meat.

Meat from grass-fed animals is 4 times higher in vitamin E and higher in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which is associated with lower cancer risk.

Conclusion: Livestock is not meant for grain-feeding. It is worth the extra effort to search for a local grass-fed meat supplier in your area. Grass-fed meat is superior to grain-fed meat.

8. Energy Bars

energy bar

Energy bars is just code for sugar bars. Unless you are a top-class athlete who needs to avoid muscle catabolism and break-down during a hard days work, there should be no need consume energy bars that marketed as an healthy alternative to chocolate bars.

Energy bars usually contain a lot of the ingredients we should be spending our lives avoiding including wheat, additives and artificial flavouring.

Conclusion: There should be no need to purchase these sugar bars in disguise. If you really need the energy then you are better off with a banana which has the essential sugars and amino acids you need for endurance and muscle-building.

9. Vegetable Oil

vegetable oil

Some vegetable oils are not that good

Vegetable oil contains trans-fats and very large amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids which upsets our body’s natural balance.

Vegetable oils like the ones sold at your supermarket (with the exception of olive oil which is good for you) upset our bodies natural balance. Consuming too much vegetable oil leads to inflammation which leads to many incurable chronic diseases.

To make it worse, vegetable oil found at your local store contains up to 4% trans-fats which are toxic. Examples of vegetable oils to avoid include rapeseed oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil and margarine.[11]

It’s important to distinguish between the trans-fats that these manufactured vegetable oils produce and the natural saturated fats found in butter (grass-fed), olive oil and coconut oil. These saturated fats are necessary in order for you to function properly.

Conclusion: Stick with olive oil, natural butter[12] and coconut oil. Vegetable oil is just a cheap by-product of the manufacturing process that is mass marketed as healthy alternative to butter.

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